Harry Kane makes his name on the Munich release list after one season!

Harry Kane’s return to Tottenham was shocking news.
Kane left Tottenham, where he has been since his professional debut, for Bayern Munich, one of Germany’s best teams.

However, with his time at Bayern Munich short, he appears to be considering a return due to a lack of chances or other reasons.
The release of five players, including Kane, has been predicted in Bayern Munich, according to a report by Team Talk in England, which has increased Kane’s chances of returning to Tottenham.

Kane said one of the reasons for his move to Bayern Munich was his desire to win, but he does not appear to be meeting that desire at the moment.
Amid this situation, Kane’s chances of returning to Tottenham are shocking, and it is worth noting news regarding his decision in the future.

Bayern Munich squad reorganization

The current situation in Bayern Munich appears to be very unstable.
The elimination from the DFB Pokal and the fact that the possibility of winning the league has virtually decreased are emerging as big issues in the soccer world, where even the slightest chance is missed.

In particular, the performance in the European Champions League is also very uncertain, and the results against Arsenal clearly show this.
On top of that, with Thomas Tuchel expected to move, Bayern will need to restructure their team’s structure and strategy.

It is expected that the squad will also undergo 토토사이트 changes in this process.
It’s worth noting that Harry Kane is being named as part of this change.

Bayern could send out up to five players in the summer for rebuilding, according to a statement from Team Talk.
The list includes Aleksandar Pavlovic, Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer as well as Kane.

So it seems quite likely that Kane could leave the team quickly as part of the Bayern rebuilding effort.
Under these circumstances, Kane’s chances of returning to Tottenham could be even higher, and interest in his future decisions is expected to heat up.

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