Won the regular league MVP at the awards ceremony on the 8th

Kim Yeon-koung of Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders missed out on winning the title for two consecutive seasons, but she still continues her reputation as the “Volleyball Empress.” At the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Awards, she was named the regular-league MVP by winning 20 votes in a press conference, beating Yang Hyo-jin of Hyundai E&C Hillstate, who received five votes. This season, she played in all 36 games and excelled in sixth place (775 points), second place in attack success rate (44.98 percent), fifth place in receiving efficiency (42.46 percent), and seventh place in Dig (3.83 per set). This earned Kim the sixth regular-league MVP of her career.

Meanwhile, Kim Se-bin from Korea Expressway Corporation’s Hi-Pass was named the Rookie of the Year at this award ceremony. Winning 30 out of 31 votes in a press conference, Kim equaled his seniors with a record of fifth place in blocking (0.60 per set) and seventh place in fast attack (44.38 percent). This marks Korea Expressway Corporation’s return to producing the Rookie of the Year award two years after Lee Yun-jeong’s setter for the 2021-2022 season.

Kim Yeon-koung and Kim Se-bin’s performance brings new expectations to Korean volleyball fans, and we look forward to more exciting matches in the future.

Kim Yeon-koung’s “Hard Carry”, Heungkuk Life’s second consecutive runner-up

Heungkuk Life’s Kim Yeon-koung missed out on the championship for two consecutive seasons, but she still led the team with a “hard carry.” The goal of this season was, of course, to become the champion after a “reverse sweep” against the Korea Expressway Corporation (KORK) last season. The desire to become a champion was even stronger for Kim, who has not won a championship since the 2008-2009 season, before playing abroad.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, however, ended the first half in second place, giving up its lead in a match against Hyundai Engineering & Construction. It made a change in the composition of its players by attempting to replace foreigners ahead of the second half, but unfortunately, it missed the championship spot because Hyundai Engineering & Construction lacked a point. It struggled in the playoffs, but eventually made it to the championship.

In the championship, Heungkuk Life Insurance won three consecutive championships to remain in second place. However, Kim Yeon-koung’s performance was brilliant. She led her team in the championship by ranking top in points, attack success rate, serve, blocking, receiving efficiency, and dig, respectively. If Heungkuk Life’s other players had shown better performances, there would have been no doubt that Kim Yeon-koung was named MVP.

Heungkuk Life Insurance was cheered up by Kim Yeon-koung’s leadership and passion despite the disappointing loss. In future seasons, she will once again vigorously move toward her dream of becoming a champion, returning to a stronger team.

Declared simultaneous extension of active duty after announcing the acceptance speech

Kim unfortunately received three runner-up awards in the championship after her return to Korea, but she relieved that disappointment by winning the regular league MVP award this season. This is her sixth regular league MVP award in seven seasons in which she has played in the V League. While there may be criticism, a closer look at her detailed performance reveals why Kim is fully qualified as MVP.

In this season’s regular season, Kim Yeon-koung ranks sixth in scoring. But the players who scored more were all exempt from receiving subs and only focused on attacking. In comparison, Kim Yeon-koung showed a difference in team contribution, scoring 5.56 defense per set.

In addition, similar results were obtained by comparing Kim Yeon-koung with middle blocker Yang Hyo-jin, who competed for MVP in statistics such as scoring, fastball, and blocking. However, while Kim Yeon-koung plays many roles in attack and defense throughout the match, across potential and back, Yang Hyo-jin rests in the back and proceeds with the match.

3 times of disappointing runner-up and MVP award

At the V League ceremony, Kim Yeon-koung’s MVP award and active extension were announced. Kim Yeon-koung promised to lead Heungkuk Life Insurance next season in return for the support of 토토사이트 fans. This is great news for Heungkuk Life Insurance and volleyball fans, but it will be difficult for Kim to achieve her championship desire by herself.

Therefore, Heungkuk Life should push for effective strengthening of its power through off-season activities, such as the ongoing FA market. Kim’s decision to extend her active career tells us when to consider both her team’s role and her desire to become a champion.

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