Vitinha’s score that led to Lee Kang-in’s equalizer

Lee Kang-in performed well against Barcelona. He played an important role for the team, so his pass success rate was high at 94 percent, and he also excelled in creating opportunities.
He also played in attack by scoring two shots that were valid through two shooting attempts.

In particular, he played impressively on the right flank, breaking through Barcelona’s defence through links with Usman Dembele and Marco Asensio.
In addition, Lee Kang-in showed excellent ability in defense tasks.

As Barcelona’s defense strengthened, PSG had to find a new strategy for attack, and Lee Kang-in played a big role in the strategy of trying to counterattack through side attacks.
This helped the 토토사이트 team through his ability to play space and the play he needed for the team.

However, Coach Enrique decided to replace Lee Kang-in after 10 minutes.
This came after the team scored an upset goal, and Lee Kang-in’s replacement came as he had been exhausted in the last game.

Lee Kang-in played a significant role in the important game, but failed to play until the end of the game due to physical limitations.

Enrique’s decision was a failure as a result.

PSG’s failure to keep the ball against Barcelona has intensified the situation of allowing a counterattack.
Barcelona then got an assist from Pedri and Hafeeña scored the second goal to tie the game.

Andreas Christensen then turned the score around from the corner.
PSG came under pressure from this situation to give up the game.

In a difficult situation created after Lee Kang-in was replaced, PSG was swept away by the atmosphere and eventually ended the game in defeat.
And the loss has forced a second leg, which will be played at Barcelona’s home stadium.

Lee Kang-in’s absence has left PSG struggling with the absence of an important player, and it has struggled to cope with Barcelona’s counterattacks and attacks.
This has left the game in an unattainable position, and it is expected that a subsequent second leg will have to work to make up for these shortcomings and regain the momentum of defeat.

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