“I want to remain a competitive outside hitter with a good serve.”

Hyundai Capital outside hitter Lee Si-woo (30) is a graduate of Sungkyunkwan University and made his professional debut by being selected by Hyundai Capital as the 6th pick in the first round in the 2016 rookie draft.

Lee Si-woo, whose advantage is a strong serve, has established himself as the team’s strong one-point server since his debut season. He averaged 12 to 16 serves per season, but he used to play a role in shaking up the opponent’s reception with powerful serves and sparking the team’s scoring streak. He was once selected to represent the country with one serve. 바카라사이트닷컴

When Lee Si-woo’s serve time comes, the home Cheonan Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium says, ‘Cheonan Hyundai Lee Si-woo! ‘Lee Si-woo!’ is heard loudly. With the strong serve and the powerful voices of the fans, it is bound to be difficult for the away team.

KB Insurance exhibition held at Uijeongbu Indoor Stadium on the 4th. Lee Si-woo achieved a meaningful record. Lee Si-woo recorded a serve ace to tie the game at 15-16 in the second set. This is a record achieved after 224 games, and the 47th in V-League history. It is meaningful that Lee Si-woo, who is not a starting player, achieved 100 serves.

Lee Si-woo, whom we met after the game, said, “It feels good to win. He also feels good about reaching 100 serves. The fans gave me a lot of congratulations and I am grateful. “He knew there were only a few left, so he relaxed his shoulders and put them in, and they went in well,” he said with a smile.

From his pro debut season until now, Lee Si-woo has been active as a one-point server. He may think he’s just going in for a serve, but the pressure is enormous. He has only one chance, so he must hit without fail and be able to turn the tide. He also needs to prove his worth with just his serve for a short period of time and give his team a boost. Above all, he feels more pressure than other players because he has to rest in the warm-up zone before serving.

Lee Si-woo said, “Ever since I first came here, my role has been as a one-point server. Of course, I also wanted to play a lot of games, but it was difficult because I couldn’t play. “It was a great motivation for me because my fans and family cared for me a lot,” he said with a smile.

He continued, “Whenever I was having a hard time or tired, my sister would tell me, ‘You have to do it.’ “I think they always gave me sticks rather than carrots,” he added.

Jin Soon-ki, acting director of Hyundai Capital, did not evaluate Lee Si-woo as a simple one-point server. Acting Director Jin said, “He is a trustworthy player. Although he is a middle-aged member of the team, he is playing a good role as a bridge between senior players and young players. Rather than just being a one-point server, I would like to say that I am an outside hitter who is very good at hitting serves. I am also asking Siwoo to play the role of an outside hitter. However, it is only overshadowed by the superior serve. He is now training faithfully and is working hard as a member of the team. Congratulations on scoring 100 serves. “I think Lee Si-woo left a great record because he played consistently,” he said.

Lee Si-woo said, “This is one of the things I want to hear. “I am grateful to be remembered as a one-point server, but as acting manager Jin Sun-ki said, I hope to be remembered as an outside hitter with a competitive serve and good service,” he said emphatically.

At the same time, he said, “I hope I can score 200 serves quickly. “If I get the chance, if I play more time, I will be able to reach 200 serves quickly,” he added.

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