The All-Star Game, a feast for women’s professional basketball stars, will be held in grand style this weekend.

Fans’ expectations are growing as the two ‘Ji-hyun’ teams, Park Ji-hyun and Shin Ji-hyun, face each other and there is plenty to see.

The All-Star Game, a feast for women’s basketball stars with plenty to see, is just two days away.

Rising star Park Ji-hyun took first place in the fan vote for the first time, pushing Shin Ji-hyun, who was first last season, to second place. 토토사이트 순위

An interesting match was held in which two Jihyuns with the same name and uniform number faced each other as captains.

[Ji-Hyun Park / Woori Bank Guard: She is someone I personally like a lot, and I think it’s an even greater honor to be in first and second place together like this.]

[Ji-Hyun Shin / Guard at Hana One Q: I didn’t know Ji-Hyun Park (Hyun) would take first place. I feel like I’ve grown up well by taking first place like this.]

The two people who left the court and met at the All-Star Game promotional filming site worked hard to pose despite the awkwardness.

“(Next is heart) Heart, how can I not get closer to you? (Please turn your body a little.)”

Although she is shy and awkward, she is busy practicing her dance while thinking of her fans who will be happy.

“Yeah, I guess we can do it like this.”

“That’s it!”

As the captain of each team, I have no intention of compromising not only the game but also fan service.

[Park Ji-hyun / Woori Bank Guard: First of all, we plan to take care of the victory. But I also couldn’t lose the ceremony part… .]

[Shin Ji-hyun / Hana One Q Guard: Of course, our blue team will take the victory. I want to give joy to the fans by having fun like an All-Star.]

Including the two players, there are 10 women’s basketball stars participating in this All-Star Game.

Stars including women’s basketball duo Park Ji-soo and Kim Dan-bi, as well as last year’s All-Star Game MVP BNK Jinan and KB Kang I-seul, winner of the 3-point shooting contest for the third time in a row, will be in attendance.

Gorgeous All-Star Entrance All-Star! Happy Ceremony All Stars! The fan service is also all-star! We are all all-stars together!

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