Professional baseball KT Wiz’s native ace Ko Young-pyo (32) signs a multi-year non-FA (free agent) contract.A KT official said on the 23rd, “We have presented the terms of a 5-year contract period to Go Young-pyo and are making final adjustments on the amount.”The contract size proposed by KT is known to be around 10 billion won.This is higher treatment than Park Se-woong (5 years, 9 billion won, Lotte Giants) and Koo Chang-mo (up to 7 years, 13.2 billion won, NC Dinos), who signed multi-year contracts in 2022.

A KT official said, “Go Young-pyo is not only a franchise player with outstanding skills, but he is also a sincere player. We cannot disclose the amount, but we are working hard to sign a contract with the best treatment.”Go Young-pyo is an iconic player for KT.Ko Young-pyo, who graduated from Dongguk University, joined KT through the 2014 rookie draft and worked as a starter and bullpen until 2018.Ko Young-pyo has blossomed since the 2021 season, when he returned from military service.In the 2021 season, he led KT to its first integrated championship with a record of 11 wins, 6 losses, and an ERA of 2.92.

He led KT’s starting lineup with unchanged skills in the 2022 and 2023 seasons.In 2023, he achieved 12 wins, 7 losses, and an average ERA of 2.78.KT pursued a multi-year contract with Go Young-pyo, who will qualify as a free agent after the 2024 season.After completing the 2023 season, the negotiation table was set up several times to adjust the period and amount.As both sides have taken a positive stance, the contract 무료슬롯게임 announcement is expected to be made before spring camp begins in February.

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