The contrast in the individual competition was stark, but will it be different in the team league?
One of the key points of interest in the fourth round of the Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2023-2024, which begins on Friday at the Kintex PBA Stadium in Goyang, South Korea, will be the rebound of last-place Huons and Haiwon.

Passing through the playoff gateway is the primary goal of every team, so all eyes will be on the leadership of their captains, Choi Sung-won (Huons) and Lee Chung-bok (Hi-One).
There are two ways to qualify for the playoffs.

The five winners of the first through fifth rounds will advance to the playoffs, so they can go for the win in this fourth round.

The other is to maximize your points because if there is a repeat winner, the top team in the final standings from rounds 1-5 will advance. 토토
The Huons are in 9th place in the regular season (10W14L – 26 points) and the Hi-One is in 8th place (9W15L – 27 points).

They are within eight points of the mid-table teams, so they can still compete.

However, Crown HaeTae (17W7L – 51 points) is way ahead of them.
Only NHK Card (twice) and Eswai (once) have won the Team League this season.

If Crown Hattae wins at least once, the competition between the top teams in the final standings will be even more intense.
With a long way to go, the Huons have a reliable cornerstone in Choi Sung-won.

Choi Sung-won has been on fire individually this season, winning his fifth Tour title in four out of five events and placing in the top half of the sixth Tour.

He was worried at the beginning of the season, but he has fully adapted to the new way of playing and took home the championship trophy.

Her teammates Semi Seigner, Javier Palazon, Se Yeon Kim, Ae Rin Jeon, and Jang Ga Yeon also have a shot.
Hi-won will need Lee Chung-bok to come alive.

Lee Chung-bok made his professional debut this season alongside Choi Sung-won and is the leader of the team league.

However, he has yet to win a match on the individual tour.

His opponents in the round of 128 have been tough and he hasn’t had much luck.
But in the Team League, it’s different.

Yong Hyun-ji and Im Rae are the strongest women’s players, while Lippy Chenette, Nguyen Phuong Linh, and Lim Sung-gyun are solid.

This is where the captain’s team management and mercenary skills come into play.
Choi Sung-won of Huon’s will play in the men’s doubles against SK Rent-a-Car at 12:30 p.m., while Lee Chung-bok will start the day’s action against Blue One Resort.
It will be interesting to see if Nonghyup Card, who won eight straight games in the previous round, can continue their winning streak.

Team leader Cho Jae-ho is riding a wave of momentum after recently reaching the top of the table for Haiwon Resort.
Meanwhile, the nine-team team league will feature seven sets, starting with men’s doubles (11 points), followed by women’s doubles (9 points), men’s singles (15 points), mixed doubles (9 points), men’s singles (11 points), women’s singles (9 points), and men’s singles (11 points).

The winning team gets 3 points, and if it goes to a full set, the losing team also gets 1 point.

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