Lee Jeong-hoo’s (25) time has begun. With the attention of big clubs such as the New York Yankees and San Francisco

all eyes are focused on where his final destination will be.

On the 5th, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced

We have received notification from the Major League Baseball (MLB) Secretariat that it has announced its intention to post about Lee Jung-hoo and Ko Woo-seok (LG) to 30 local clubs. 카지노사이트랭크

Since the MLB Secretariat announced to 30 clubs, negotiations with big league clubs can be conducted from 8 a.m. on December 5, 2024, to 5 p.m. on January 3, 2024, Eastern time in the United States.

Lee Jung-hoo declared his MLB challenge at the end of last year. Although he had some misfortune this year, including an ankle injury

he has now fully recovered. Even before the declaration of entry into the MLB

many big league clubs visited the KBO League stadium to watch Lee Jeong-hoo play.

This year, a high-ranking official from a so-called ‘big club’ crossed the Pacific Ocean to watch Lee Jeong-hoo play.

Scott Boras, the ‘Devil’s Agent’ who helped him advance into the MLB, expressed strong confidence, saying,

More than half of the teams in the big league are inquiring about Lee Jung-hoo.

 New York Post also added, “20 out of 30 teams are showing interest.

 Although it may only be at the ‘level of interest,’ there are also rumors circulating in local media that he will sign an MLB guaranteed contract worth up to $90 million.

MLB’s official social network service (SNS) also attracted attention on this day by exposing his activities in graphics along with the topic, “Where is Lee Jung-hoo’s destination?

 He emphasized that he is a young outfielder with excellent contact ability and decent defensive ability

including the fact that he was the KBO League Rookie of the Year. 

Several trends are leading to the scenario of entering the MLB with a ‘historic contract’.

Not only MLB.com but also reporters with a long history of reporting in the big leagues agreed through social media, saying, “San Francisco

New York Yankees, San Diego, etc. are keeping a close eye on Lee Jung-hoo.

 He even mentioned the New York Mets, so it appears that the big league clubs

excluding the LA Dodgers, are playing the so-called guessing game.

The winter meeting began in Nashville, Tennessee on the 4th, but Lee Jeong-hoo’s future will likely be decided later.

 Active sales continue, but since Lee Jeong-hoo has already been classified as a big fish

there is a high possibility that Boras’ division will begin negotiations through land attack.

However, it seems to be unclear which team really wants Lee Jung-hoo. Naturally

expectations are high that the ransom price will also be specified.

In terms of name value, the Yankees, called the ‘Evil Empire’, have the highest name value.

This is a team that has a designated hitter system and an outfield composition that would allow Lee Jeong-hoo to play as a starting pitcher.

It’s fun just to imagine Aaron Judge and Lee Jung-hoo running around Yankee Stadium wearing the same uniform.

The Yankees’ pinstripe uniform is like a symbol of MLB.

San Francisco is also quite active. In particular, San Francisco consistently sent officials to the KBO League to analyze Lee Jeong-hoo’s strengths and weaknesses for a long time.

As with other clubs, the scouting report on Lee Jeong-hoo should be considered to have already been completed.

The key is the ‘money game’, and there is a local forecast that San Francisco is likely to offer an annual average of around $10 million.

If Lee Jeong-hoo goes straight to the big league, the original team, Heroes, will be a team that threatens the stronghold of Gwangju.

There was once a joke in MLB that asked, “Is Gwangju High School the only high school baseball team in Korea?”

It was a joke that came out when Kang Jung-ho joined Pittsburgh following the ‘Gwangju Jeil High School Three Musketeers’, including Seo Jae-eung

Kim Byung-hyun, and Choi Hee-seop, who played as big leaguers in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

In fact, there is a famous anecdote where an MLB official visited the baseball team to analyze Gwangju Jeil High School’s system.

Heroes is Kang Jung-ho’s home team and the team where Park Byeong-ho (currently KT) and Kim Ha-seong (currently San Diego) played. 

When Lee Jung-hoo joins the big league, ‘Heroes’ will be displayed on the KBO league resume

so it will be called the big league military academy.

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