Andres Biyena (real name Biyena)’s scorching offense and back-to-back interceptions by Kim Hong-jeong rescued KB Insurance from a 12-game losing streak.
KB Sonbo won 3-0 (25:20/25:23/25:17) in straight sets against OK Financial Group in the third round of the 2023-2024 V-League Men’s Division at Uijeongbu Gymnasium on Saturday.

KB Sonbo, who had lost all but their opening match of the season (Oct. 17 against Korea Electric Power), snapped a 12-match losing streak and earned two valuable wins.

OK Financial Group was brought to its knees as Joo Po Leo (18 points) was blocked.

They lost for the sixth time this season (8 wins).
KB Sonbo led the team’s offense from the start, with Zupo Biyena scoring eight points (66.67% offensive success rate) to take the first set 25-20. 안전토토사이트

The teams were tied at 14-14 midway through the second set, but KB Sonbo’s Hong Sang-hyuk, Hankook Min and Liu Hong-min combined for three points with just an interception to shake up OK Financial Group’s offense.
The second set was a nail-biter, and KB Sonbo took it.

KB Sonbo, who improved their receiving efficiency to 68.18%, took advantage of Hwang Seung-bin’s reliable toss to diversify their offense. Bijena (9 points), Kim Hong-jung (4 points), and Han Min (4 points) led the offense.

OK Financial Group managed to pull back to 23-22 as Song Hee-chae’s offense came alive, but KB Sonbo bounced back to take the second set 25-23.

KB Sonbo never lost the lead in the third set.

Kim Hong-jeong’s interceptions halted OK Financial Group’s offensive flow at every juncture.

With a 65.12% attack success rate, Bijena scored 28 points, while Kim Hong-jung added seven points, including five interceptions.

Hong Sang-hyuk added 11 points. KB Sonbo head coach Hoo In-jung said after the game, “With this victory, I think our future games will go well.

We are grateful to our fans for their constant support during our 12-game losing streak.”

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