“I never thought about the streak.

Every game is important.”

The Nonghyup Card, led by captain Cho Jae-ho, defeated the Blue One Resort 4-2 on the fourth day of the fourth round of the 2023-2024

Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League at the Kintex PBA Stadium in Goyang on Monday.

It was their fourth straight win in four rounds (11-1 record) and 12th straight if you include the best-of-three series win.

Nonghyup Card had earlier won rounds 1-3 and qualified for the playoffs, which are awarded to the winners of rounds 1-5 of a team’s league.

If a team wins multiple titles, the top team in the final regular season standings goes to the playoffs (five teams).

For this reason, the lower-ranked teams try to turn things around by winning rounds, but with Nonghyup Card dominating, their playoff hopes are slipping away.

Leader Cho Jae-ho said, “The players are doing so wel

l. They are playing hard, valuing each game,” said leader Cho.

Against Blue One Resort, Cho and his partner Kim Hyun-woo’s near-perfect hitting in the first set of the men’s doubles clinched the match,

while Mamin Gum won the men’s singles in the fifth set and Kim Min-ah won the women’s singles in the decisive sixth set.

“If I’m not playing well, my teammate plays perfectly, and the women’s doubles combination of Kim Min-ah and Kim Bomi rarely plays badly.

They support each other in times of difficulty, so it seems to work out well,” he analyzed.

Antonio Montes, a strategic pick ahead of this season, and Mamin Gum, a proven champion, also stand out.

Montes, in particular, has been performing not only in the team league but also on the individual tour since joining Nonghyup Card.

At the 7th Individual Tour Haiwon Resort Championship held last month, he reached the first four rounds and set up a thrilling match with Cho Jae-ho.

“Since Montes joined the team, I’ve become brighter,” said Cho.

Living in a different country can be difficult, but I think we’ve become more comfortable.

We ask each other if we have any questions, and we seem to be upgrading as a team.”

Even the mixed doubles combination of Kim Bomi and Oh Sung-wook has no ups and downs as each player plays in the right place. 토토

The balance of the team is one of the best among the nine teams.

The moral support of the team is, of course, Cho Jae-ho, who won the Haiwon Resort Regatta last month.

After recording his first individual victory of the season and the most wins (4) by a Korean player in his career,

he has led the team to a 6-2 record (75% win rate) in the fourth round of the team league so far.

He leads the team with a 40-16 record (71.4% winning percentage) in the team league this season.

“Round 4 is not over yet,” said Cho.

The way the tournament is organized, there is bound to be a winner in each round, but I don’t care.

We will lose at some point (laughs).

I just focus on the game and do my best.”

With his quick thinking and delicate touch, he manages his team perfectly.

We can’t wait to see how far his strength will go.

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