Professional baseball club Kiwoom Heroes (hereinafter referred to as ‘Kiwoom’) has announced the schedule of its wrap-up camp, and Won Sung-jun, who plays on JTBC’s baseball entertainment program ‘Choi Kang Baseball’, has been added to the roster, attracting the attention of broadcast fans.

On the 17th, Kiwoom will hold a finishing camp from November 22 to November 26 at the Taejang Sports Complex baseball field in Wonju, Gangwon Province.

According to the final camp roster released by Kiwoom, a total of 45 players, including 35 players and 10 coaching staff, including head coach Hong Won-ki, were named.

The camp is centered on prospects and rookies, and players who played this season, such as Lim Ji-yeol, Kim Dong-hyuk, and Park Soo-jong, will also participate.

Among these, the inclusion of Won Sung-joon on the infield roster of the finishing camp is eye-catching.

Fans of “Strongest Baseball” showed their support for Won Sung-jun, who must have been going through a lot, and blessed him for his future.

Meanwhile, last month’s episode of JTBC’s “Strongest Baseball” revealed the site of the 2024 KBO League Rookie Draft.

While “Strongest Baseball” cast members Jung Hyun-soo, Hwang Young-mook, and Ko Young-woo were selected by the Lotte Giants, Hanwha Eagles, and Kiwoom Heroes, respectively, Won Sung-joon’s name was not called in the end.

He was so upset that he even shed tears, making viewers feel sorry for him.

Won expressed his gratitude on social media, saying, “Even if I can’t become a professional player, I think my baseball life is a happy and successful baseball life because I played with a senior like you,” and “I’m really grateful for your great interest in me as an insignificant player.”

Afterward, a professional team reportedly offered him a tryout. 먹튀검증

Won plays at Sungkyunkwan University and is currently showing off his skills on the JTBC entertainment program “Strongest Baseball”.

Kiwoom’s final camp participants

Head coach: Hong Won-ki

Coaching staff: Kim Chang-hyun, Lee Seung-ho, Ma Jung-gil, Park Do-hyun, Oh Yoon, Kwon Do-young, Moon Chan-jong, Park Jung-eum, Song Shin-young

Pitchers: Kim Dong-hyuk, Park Seung-joo, Oh Sang-won, Yoon Seok-won, Cho Young-gun, Jo Seung-woo, Kim Dong-kyu, Kim Jun-hyung, Kim Yeon-joo, Park Seung-ho, Kim Joo-hoon, Jeon Jun-pyo, Kim Yoon-ha, Son Hyun-ki

Catchers: Kim Jae-hyun, Park Sung-bin, Park Jun-hyung, Kim Ji-sung

Infielders: Kim Gun-hee, Kim Byung-hui, Seo Yoo-shin, Lee Ho-yeol, Lee Seung-won, Lee Jae-sang, Song Jin-hyung, Ko Young-woo, Shim Hwiyoon, Won Sung-joon

Outfielders: Lim Ji-yeol, Park Su-jong, Song Jae-sun, Byun Sang-kwon, Ye Jin-won, Seung-won, Park Chae-wool

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