Cristiano Ronaldo, right, meets and poses for a photo with Iranian female painter Fatami Hamami during his visit to Tehran on March 19. / Official Iranian Embassy in Spain X

[Financial News] Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo (Alnasr) is reportedly facing jail time for hugging and kissing a female Iranian fan on the head. Iranian law prohibits physical contact between unmarried members of the opposite sex.

Ronaldo recently traveled to Iran to play in an Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League match and was reportedly in danger of being jailed, according to the New York Post.

Ronaldo traveled to Tehran, the capital of Iran, to play an AFC group stage match against Persepolis of the Iranian Professional Football League on Nov. 18-19.

During his visit, Ronaldo met with Fatima Hamami, an Iranian female painter. Fatima is a paraplegic who paints with her feet.

She told Ronaldo that she was a fan of his and presented him with a hand-drawn portrait. In response, Ronaldo hugged her and kissed her head in gratitude.

The scene was posted on the official social networking site of Ronaldo’s club, Alnasr.

Cristiano Ronaldo (right) embraces Iranian female painter Fatami Hamami / Alnasr Instagram gallery
Later, reports surfaced in Iranian media that Ronaldo had been accused.

It was reported that the charges were filed by Iranian lawyers who saw the footage of Ronaldo making physical contact with Fatami.

The lawyers reportedly accused Ronaldo of adultery, as physical contact with an unmarried person of the opposite sex is considered an act of adultery in Iran.

Some media outlets, including CNN Brasil and the New York Post, which cited the report, have already reported that Iranian judicial authorities have sentenced Ronaldo to 100 lashes. 먹튀검증

The sentence could be carried out if Ronaldo ever enters Iran again, they said.

“If his behavior is deemed not punishable, or if Ronaldo shows remorse, he could be forgiven (by the court),” the New York Post added.

As news of Ronaldo’s punishment spread, Iranian authorities took matters into their own hands.

“We strongly reject any court ruling against any foreign athlete who visits Iran,” the Iranian Embassy in Spain said on social media on Nov. 13, adding, “Ronaldo’s two-day visit to Iran was very well received by the people and the government.”

“His sincere and humane meeting with Fatami Hamami was also praised and respected by both the Iranian people and the sports authorities,” he said.

“We are concerned that the spread of such unfounded news will distract attention from the oppressed Palestinian people who are suffering from war crimes against humanity.”

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