Commentator Ahn Deok-soo hosts another basketball camp to help develop Korean women’s basketball.

The Assist For Youth (AFY) project is an ongoing effort by Assist to develop youth basketball in South Korea. Since launching the project in February 2022, Assist has been diligently working with basketball schools to develop youth on the court, whether it is club basketball or elite basketball.

Last year, ASSIST 토토 hosted a youth basketball tournament and a youth basketball camp to develop youth basketball, and this year, ASSIST hosted two girls’ basketball camps with KBS N commentator Ahn Deok-soo to develop girls’ basketball.

The two camps, held this year in Seoul and Sakai, Osaka, Japan, were successful. The camps, which targeted elite girls’ middle school basketball players in Korea, were well-received thanks to the dedicated guidance of the coaches and the enthusiasm of the players.

After taking a break from his camp in Japan in August, Ahn Deok-soo will host the “3rd Ahn Deok-soo-Assist Girls Basketball Camp with Wilson 2023″ on October 28 and 29 in Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do.

Like the previous two camps, the camp will be led by Ahn, with assistant coaches Jung Hoe Koo, Young Hyun Lee, and Sung Wook Park, and will be open to elite middle school girls’ basketball players.

Ahn will emphasize the importance of skill development and character, as well as how the camp drills can be used to better prepare players for their respective basketball teams.

The camp will be held on a first-come, first-served basis, and participants will receive various basketball items, including jerseys (tops), as participation gifts.

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