Ground before transfer “I’ll come back and say hello”

Harry Kane, 30, who switched from English Premier League (EPL) Tottenham Hotspur to German Bundesliga side Bayern Munich, reportedly tried to visit Tottenham’s training ground to say hello before his move but was turned away. “Next time I will definitely come and say hello to my former teammates,” 토토사이트 Kane said.

“Kane tried to enter Tottenham’s training ground hours before his move from Spurs to Bayern Munich but was banned,” German outlet Bavarian Football reported on Thursday.

“It wasn’t a coincidence or a mistake that Kane wasn’t allowed to enter the training ground,” the outlet added, “as the club officially told him, ‘It is no longer appropriate for you to enter the training ground.’

Kane was an iconic Tottenham player before his departure. 스포츠토토 He came up through Tottenham’s youth ranks from 2009 to 2023, scoring 280 goals in 435 games and holding the club’s top scoring title.

However, his time at Tottenham ended badly. After blocking Kane’s move on several occasions, Tottenham turned their backs on him, even refusing to allow him access to Tottenham’s training ground once the deal was effectively finalized.

“He was not allowed to collect his belongings or say goodbye to his longtime teammates face-to-face,” the outlet reported. It must have been a difficult moment for Kane, who was forced to leave his favorite team.”

“I’m very disappointed that I won’t be able to greet my colleagues in person,” said Kane. However, 스포츠토토맨 I will make time to travel to London soon and send my best wishes to my colleagues.”

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