Son Jun-ho’s detention in China

“Make efforts to resolve quickly”
“Busan Expo asks Japan to express support”

“We are requesting the Chinese side to cooperate with us so that we can investigate the case under arrest if possible,” South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin-chan said on Thursday, referring to the detention of South Korean national soccer player Son Jun-ho by 섯다 Chinese police.

Son, who plays for Shandong Taishan, was detained at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport in May while returning home with his family and investigated by the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau in Liaoning Province on suspicion of soliciting non-state actors. 온라인섯다 His case was later converted to a criminal investigation when the time limit for criminal detention (temporary restraint) expired.

In response to a related question from Rep. Park Jae-ho of the Democratic Party of Korea at a plenary session of the National Assembly’s Special Committee on Budget and Finance, Park said, “The families are very sorry, and we are making efforts to protect overseas Koreans so that this matter can be resolved quickly.” “In the meantime, we have arranged for consular assistance and access to lawyers,” he explained.

In response to Park’s request to “show the country’s efforts,” he said, 카지노사이트랭크 “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will make efforts to resolve the matter quickly,” adding, “I will also meet with the families at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explain.”

When asked about Japan’s lack of support for the 2030 Busan Expo, unlike South Korea’s public endorsement of the 2025 Osaka Expo five years ago, Park replied, “I will do my best diplomatically to help Japan express its support.”

“We supported Japan’s Osaka Expo early on, and we are asking Japan to express their support for us because the relationship between Korea and Japan is improving,” 고스톱 Park said.

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