Spanish court finds first guilty plea for racist insults at stadium Vinicius Junior: ‘I am a racist bully’

Vinicius Junior of Real Madrid

Three Valencia fans who committed racial discrimination toward Real Madrid striker Vinicius Junior (Brazil), the Spanish giant, were sentenced to eight months in prison and banned from entering the soccer stadium for two years.

Foreign media such as Reuters reported on the 10th (local time), “Three Valencia soccer fans were sentenced to eight months in prison for hate crimes against Vinicius Junior,” and “In Spain, they were found guilty of ‘acts of racism in a soccer stadium.’ “This is the first time this has happened,” he said.

The Spanish court said, “It was proven that the three defendants insulted Vinicius Junior with slogans, body movements, and songs that referenced his skin color,” and added, “The act of repeatedly imitating the monkey’s cries and actions caused frustration and shame for the player. “It caused humiliation and, as a result, destroyed essential human dignity,” he emphasized.

However, in Spain, defendants who are sentenced to less than two years in prison for non-violent crimes will have their sentences suspended unless they commit additional crimes if they do not have a criminal record.

These three people were also banned from entering the soccer stadium where Spanish Primera Liga matches and matches organized by the Spanish Football Association are held for the next two years.

The three people found guilty were arrested and put on trial on charges of racial discrimination by making monkey noises at Vinicius Junior during a La Liga match held at Valencia’s Mestilla Stadium in May 2023.

After the verdict was announced, Vinicius Junior posted on his social networking service (SNS), “I am not a victim of racist acts. I am a bully of racists,” and added, “For the first time in Spanish history, I was found guilty of racist acts in a stadium.” “This is not for me, it’s for all black people,” he said.

He added: “All racists should be afraid, ashamed and hide in the dark. Otherwise I will continue to find out here. I am grateful to La Liga and Real Madrid for helping us achieve this historic ruling.”

La Liga President Javier Tabas also welcomed, saying, “This ruling will have sent a clear message to those who commit racist acts in the stadium.” 토토사이트

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