Sejong City’s Geumgang Park Golf Course opens next month

A large-scale park golf course that can host national competitions has been built on the banks of the Geumgang River in Sejong-dong, Sejong City.The city announced on the 27th that it will complete the construction of a 36-hole Geumgang Park golf course on the 43,000㎡ area below Geumnam Bridge along the Geumgang River and open next month.This facility, for which 2 billion won has been invested since early last year, is managed and operated by the Sejong Facility Management Office.

Anyone can use Geumgang Park Golf Course through an on-site visit, and the usage fee is 3,000 won for citizens and 6,000 won for outsiders.Mayor Choi Min-ho said, “This golf course will not only improve the health of citizens but also revitalize the local economy through national competitions,” and added, “We will spare no effort in supporting it to become the best park golf course in the 안전 country.”

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