Chung-Ang University is in the midst of warming up for the upcoming season.

Led by head coach Yang Hyung-seok, the team has been in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do, for the past two days, playing a series of practice games against high school teams to improve freshman adjustment and organization.

At the Tongyeong Indoor Gymnasium on the 12th, Chung-Ang University was playing a three-way match against Naksaeng High School and Cheonan Ssangyong High School. Chung-Ang University, which has been playing practice games with high school teams across the country since the past two days, has been playing pre-season practice games with the two schools since the 11th. At 3 o’clock, the team played a practice game against 카지노사이트 Naksaenggo first.

Kang Hyun-soo, Ko Chan-yoo, Lim Dong-heon, Jin Hyun-min, and Seo Jung-gu were the starters. Three of the starters (Ko Chan-yu, Jin Hyun-min, and Seo Jeong-gu) were freshmen, with Ko Chan-yu attracting a lot of attention as they look to bolster their roster. He was impressive right from the start, hitting a dunk.

From the beginning of the game, the team used a three-quarter or half-court press to improve their defensive organization. He was also focused on getting his freshman chemistry with the veterans, taking a possession four minutes into the game.

In the second quarter, another member of the team entered the game, freshman Jae-go Bae, another highly anticipated player. Kim Doo-jin, a sophomore, also entered the game.

The players spent 10 minutes with high concentration. The lineup was no different from the previous one, with an emphasis on organization and coordination throughout the offense.

In the first quarter of the second game against Ssangyong, the team went with a different lineup. Four freshmen started, led by Lim Dong-il, the longest player at 211 centimeters. Kim Min-geun, Do Hyun-woo, Jeong Se-young, and Jeong Hyun-seok played. Jung Seyoung hit a series of three-pointers, while Do Hyun-woo showed his breakthrough power with his steady dribbling.

In the second half against Ssangyonggo, the same players who started the previous game against Naksanggo were back in the lineup. With five minutes left, they made a substitution to finish the game.

The keywords of the two practice games also seemed to be press defense and strengthening breathing. The team continued to practice various forms of press defense and went through the process of playing a lot of freshmen and hopping with the existing players.

After the game, Coach Yang Hyung-seok said, “We’ve been practicing since the last two days. The freshmen are not dropping much. It is urgent to match up with the returning players. We are going through the ‘practice process’ through continuous practice matches. They’ve never played the defense they were promised. It took time to give them that. They are catching on faster than I thought.”

Yang also said, “We will train here in Tongyeong until the 16th. After that, we will travel to Jeonju and Gunsan, and then to Sangju. After that, we will have a short break before traveling to Kumamoto, Japan, for the second round of training. It will also be practice-oriented. We’ll be there for about 10 days. After that, we will return to Korea to prepare for the university league that starts in March.”

A total of 16 players are participating in the training camp. Lee Ju-young (Busan KCC) and Lee Kang-hyun (Changwon LG), who graduated and went to the pros, are missing, and Kim Hue-beom, who has a lot of potential, was unable to participate due to injury.

With the arrival of the promising freshmen, the team’s hopes for next season are high. Chung-Ang University is currently waiting for March by adapting and creating combinations.

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