Volleyball player Lee Da-young has continued her series of revelations and accusations against Kim Yeon-kyung, posting on social media in what appears to be another snipe.

On September 9, Lee wrote on her social media, “She said she would express her position before the season started, so why is she still silent?

Has anyone asked her?”

Lee also posted a photo of her with Kim Yeon-kyung in the past.

She didn’t mention Kim by name, but we can guess who she was referring to.

Earlier, on June 6, Lee wrote on SNS, “The truth is always exposed one day, even if it is well wrapped in a lie.” 토토

She was criticized for the typo.

Since publicly mentioning the feud with Kim Yeon-kyung in August, Lee Da-young has been steadily revealing the contents of her messenger conversations with Kim Yeon-kyung on her SNS.

In particular, Lee Da Young drew a lot of attention in September when she posted a photo of her and Kim Yeon Kyung lying in bed together and using arm pillows.

At the time, Lee posted a meaningful note saying, “If you apologize officially, I will keep the thing you want to hide the most secret forever.”

“It’s unfortunate that we only have to bring in foreign players within the tryout system, whether it’s foreign players or the Asian quota.

There are many players who can be brought in within the salary cap, but they don’t apply because of the tryout.

There are foreign players who personally tell me that. They want to come, but they don’t want to be tested,” he said.

Foreign players who want to play in the V-League must participate in the tryouts. It’s a kind of testing stage, and Kim says that players who have already proven themselves in international competitions are reluctant to go through the process.

In recent years, coaches attending the tryouts have said, “There are no players to choose from.” On the men’s side, the only new face this season is Woori Card’s Matey Kok.

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