“I’ll show you with results” 3Kim’s head coach→Kim Tae-hyung called up to ‘Giant’…64-year-old legendary coach’s challenge

The man who stood by the side of the ‘giants’ has announced a new start as a ‘giant’.

He is Kim Kwang-soo, the Lotte Giants coach who served as the head coach of Kim In-sung, Kim Kyung-moon, and Kim Sung-geun in the past.

Until recently, he was the chairman of the KBO’s legends’ organization, Ilgukhoe. He was born in 1959, an age that might seem daunting.

“I’ll do a good job for coach Kim Tae-hyung and show him the results,” he said, expressing confidence.

“Busan is a baseball city. Coach Kim Tae-hyung called me and gave me the opportunity to come to Lotte. Professionals speak with results. I want to help revive the baseball boom in Busan, and I feel responsible as a baseball player.”

Kim Kwang-soo joined Lotte’s wrap-up camp in Sangdong, Gimhae, on the first of this month and began his journey as a full-fledged “Lotte man.” For the time being, he will be staying at the club’s accommodation. His official position has not yet been announced, but he will serve as a bench coach, 온라인카지노 working closely with head coach Kim Tae-hyung.

Kim Kwang-soo’s arrival at Lotte was a special request from Kim Tae-hyung

When Kim Tae-hyung took over at Lotte, he assembled a young coaching staff full of players from the 1980s, including Kim Joo-chan (1981), Ko Young-min (1984), and Yoo Jae-shin (1987). He also wanted to add the experience of a veteran who had been through it all.

Kim Tae-hyung is a coach with a unique charisma and a style that captivates his team. Coach Kim Kwang-soo was the right person to help him with his motherly leadership.

Kim is known for his nickname, “Flying Squirrel. He was a member of the original professional baseball team in 1982, but he was quick enough to steal 50 bases in 1991, a year before he retired. He was the epitome of a classic second baseman who played solid defense, had a good leadoff hitter, and was good at bunting and team batting.

In 1995, when Kim Tae-hyung took off his mask to celebrate his first Korean Series win as a player, Kim was already working as a defense coach for OB (now Doosan).

He was always by the side of Kim In-sung, Kim Kyung-moon, and Kim Sung-geun, the managers who have since led the Korean baseball scene. He led Doosan through its first heyday and helped the team win a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. It’s been seven years since he last played professionally, with the Hanwha Eagles in 2017.

Lotte recently appointed Park Joon-hyuk, the ’16 Giantsman,’ to succeed Kim Tae-hyung as head coach and is preparing for an extraordinary 2024. The team has also hired coaches Kim Kwang-soo and Kim Min-ho to fill in the gaps. “I will make the most of my past experience to help Lotte and coach Kim Tae-hyung,” Kim promised.

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