Tottenham has a family-like atmosphere.

One man who has changed that is head coach Enze Postecoglou.
The British newspaper The Telegraph published an article on Wednesday titled “The photo that sums up the Postecoglou revolution”.

The article highlighted a group photo of Tottenham’s players, coaching staff, and support staff.
“The photo, which was posted on a Tottenham fan social media account, summarizes Postecoglou’s approach since arriving at the club.

In the center is the first-team squad, and next to them are all the staff who work there, from coaches to chefs to cleaners to the communications team.

No one is excluded,” he explained.
Every Premier League team takes a group photo before the season starts.

Usually, it’s just the players and coaching staff. But Tottenham changed that. 카지노사이트가이드

To make everyone feel a sense of belonging to Spurs, the photo was taken like a commemorative photo.

The idea came from director of football Scott Munn and coach Postecoglou.

According to The Telegraph, “The photo was sent to everyone who was there.

“It sent a clear message that we are all in this together and we are a team.

It is a symbolic aspect of the ‘change of scenery’ that has transformed Tottenham on and off the pitch,” praising Postecoglou’s leadership.
Since Postecoglou’s arrival at Spurs, the atmosphere at the club has become much more positive.

It’s a far cry from the days of Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, with their uncommunicative and somewhat domineering styles.

In fact, Tottenham employees are reportedly feeling liberated to let go of the baggage they’ve been carrying for years.
As one Tottenham employee put it, “Mr. Postecoglou is a really nice guy who treats people with respect and takes responsibility for his work.

“He treats people with respect and takes responsibility for his work, which sounds so simple, but it’s a rare thing in football,” said one employee, praising Postecoglou’s demeanor.
Postecoglou always greets his staff with a big smile and is known to remember everyone’s name.

Postecoglou is transforming Tottenham from a tactician and manager to a loving father figure.

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