Park Hye-jin, a prominent figure in ‘Unsung Rebellion’ Taekwondo, has successfully fought off the international slump Jinx

Park reached the final without dropping a round in three consecutive matches before the round of 16.

She struggled in the final against a Taiwanese player who was 13 centimeters taller than her.

Park took the first round, but let her guard down late in the second, and was caught off guard in the third.

However, she turned the tide with a body kick to make it 7-6 with 34 seconds left in the match, and followed it up with a head kick that scored a wedge 15 seconds before the end to take a 2-1 round score and the top spot in Asia.

Park Hye-jin, who gave the team its second gold medal after Jang Joon, also shook off her international slump.

[Park Hye-jin: “I was always told that when I go to international competitions, I don’t perform well, so Park Hye-jin shouldn’t go to international competitions, and I was upset about that.”]

In judo, women’s heavyweight Kim Ha-yoon rescued her team from the brink of a first-ever Asian Games individual gold medal.

Kim faced China’s Xu Shiyan in the final amid lopsided support from the home fans.

Just 43 seconds into the match, she scored a breathtaking flying half-leg.

Keeping her composure, Kim blocked her opponent’s last-minute press attempt to secure Korea’s first gold medal in judo.

Cho Won-woo won the first gold medal of the day in the sailing windsurfing RS:X class.

Having clinched the gold medal a day earlier, Cho Won-woo competed on the final day with no pressure.

In women’s fencing sabre, Yoon Ji-soo defeated China’s Xiao Yachi 15-10 in the final to take gold.

The rugby team, looking for their first gold medal in 21 years, 온라인카지노 lost to Hong Kong in the final.

The players shed tears of disappointment after the game.

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