After winning gold in the men’s 80-kilogram taekwondo competition at the Hangzhou Asian Games, Park Woo-hyuk (Samsung S-One) said he was proud to have raised the profile of Korean taekwondo. Park defeated world champion Salih Elsharabati (Jordan) in the men’s 80 kg final of the taekwondo competition at the Lin’an Sports and Cultural Exhibition Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China on Sunday with a round robin score of 2-0 (8-4 6-5).”It’s not so much about my honor as it is about the fact that I’ve taken a step towards making my country’s taekwondo highly regarded once again on such a big stage,” Park Woo-hyuk told reporters in the joint press area after the match, adding, “I was able to take first place thanks to the support of the Korean people. “Park Woo-hyuk’s victory gave South Korea its fourth consecutive gold medal in taekwondo since the Games began on the 24th.Kang Wan-jin (Hongcheon County Office) and Cha Ye-eun (Kyung Hee University) won gold in Poomsae on the 24th, followed by Jang Jun (Korea Gas Corporation – Men’s 58kg) on the 25th and Park Hye-jin (Goyang City Hall – Women’s 53kg) on the 26th.Park Woo-hyuk is an up-and-comer in the heavyweight division of Korean taekwondo. “There are so many good athletes in this weight class in Korea,” Park said. They just haven’t spread their wings yet,” he said. “I think every athlete can do well in a big tournament like this. Not just me, but everyone can do well. “Park Woo-hyuk said the victory helped him overcome the disappointment of losing to host China in the final of the mixed team event on Aug. 25.However, he also expressed regret that he was the only one of his teammates to escape the pain of defeat .Park teamed up with Kim Jandi (Samsung S One), Seo Gun-woo (Korea Gymnastics University) and Lee Da-bin (Seoul Metropolitan Government) in the mixed team event, which was introduced for the first time at the Asian Games. However, they had to settle for silver after losing 77-84 to the Chinese team (Chu Yiyang, Song Zhaoxiang, Song Zhe, Zhou Zhiqi) with gold on the line.”It’s a shame that I’m the only one who got to take it out,” Park said, “because (Kim) Jong-soo and (Seo) Geon-woo are also members of our team.” “Jong-soo lost in the quarterfinals today…so I’m sorry that I won by myself,” he added. Kim Jandi, who competed alongside Park Woo-hyuk in the women’s 67-kilogram quarterfinals, had an early exit after losing to Vietnam’s Thi Kiem Park with a round score of 0-2 (2-7 4-9). “I still haven’t qualified for the Paris Olympics next year. I will work hard to prepare for the remaining Grand Prix tournaments so that I can compete there,” Park said, adding, “I will definitely 온라인카지노 show a good performance.”

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