Bridge is an official sport of the Asian Games. It is a game in which teams of two compete in a fierce battle of brains using 52 playing cards. It was first recognized as an official Asian Games sport at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games. However, it’s still not widely practiced and only a few enthusiasts play it. At the last edition, South Korea was the only country to fail to send a team .However, this will change at Hangzhou 2022.South Korean athletes competed in all three events: men’s, women’s, and mixed. One athlete who stands out is Kim Hye-young, 63, who competed in the mixed event. She is the wife of Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Chairman Chung Mong-yoon, the seventh son of the late Hyundai Group Chairman Emeritus Chung Ju-young. While the sport is popular among business leaders, Kim’s love of bridge is so unique that she wears the Taeguk mark. She started playing bridge in 2010 and is currently a member of Team Seoul .She also works hard to promote the sport. She has been the vice president of the Korean Bridge Association for more than 10 years and organizes a charity tournament every year, donating the proceeds to Fruits of Love. When she travels to international tournaments, she pays for the airfare, room and board of her 30 teammates. After the first and second rounds of the qualifying rounds of the competition in Hangzhou, China, on July 27, Kim was a little nervous about the atmosphere of an international competition for the first time .She didn’t know the outcome of her match yet, as it would depend on the results of the other teams in her group.” I’m very nervous,” Kim said, adding, “I think I made a mistake, and I often feel sorry for my team when that happens. “”I think it’s an honor (to wear the Taeguk mark). I will take responsibility and do my best,” she said, adding, “I hope young people will do well in the future.” “It’s a good team sport for older people to play indoors, although the introductory period is a bit long,” she said, adding that she likes bridge because “there are many ways to play and many things to train.” “It’s more than what I imagined. There are no regular cars, and there are no regular people,” she said, adding that she was surprised to see only athletes .Kim hobbled off to the elevator, seemingly uncomfortable talking to reporters .She later checked the results of the 안전놀이터 match against Singapore, which Korea won 17.77-2.23. It was the first win for the Korean mixed bridge team at the Asian Games.

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