Top transfer Kim Dong-liang (36, 198 cm) is quickly adjusting to life with KOGAS.

On Friday, Daegu KOGAS held a scrimmage with the men’s national team at 텍사스홀덤 Daegu Gymnasium. In the first scrimmage open to fans since moving to Daegu, KOGAS won 82-66. Even before the game started, there was a lot of interest outside the gym, and more than 1,500 spectators attended the game.

Trade acquisition Kim Dong-liang also made his first appearance in front of Daegu fans. GASCO executed a two-for-one trade with Suwon KT at the end of last month. In exchange for rookies Lee Yoon-ki and Park Chan-ho, KT brought in veteran Kim Dong-nyang.

Kim started the game and helped the team win by raising the energy level under the basket. With his high activity level, he was never outplayed in the inside game and had good chemistry with his teammates.

“It’s a new feeling,” he said after the game. I joined (the team) during the last training camp and tried to work together, but it’s the first time I’ve really worked together since coming down from Daegu. I think what we practiced came out well on the court, so I think it ended well,” he said, reflecting on the first practice match in front of the Daegu fans.

“Coach (Kang Hyuk) emphasizes defense, quickness, and physicality, so I’m going to take care of those things and integrate into the team,” he added.

The team reunited with acting coach Kang Hyuk after LG.

“When he was my coach, he was very detailed, so he was very good at pointing out things. His coaching style is detailed and he was very good at basketball (as a player), so I’m getting a lot of help from him.”

He continued, “We have a good big man in Lee Dae-heon. I will definitely be a plus player for the team so that (Lee) can play an important role at the right time and place,” the coach emphasized.

Kim Dong-liang, who switched to Gasworks, is the most experienced transfer student. He used the move as a turning point.

“I transferred (from KT), and I’m the most experienced player. The first goal is for the team to do well. Personally, I was disappointed last season and I want to make up for it, so I think this move is an opportunity. It’s motivating and a turning point.” Kim said.

In conclusion, he said, “I am ready to sacrifice for the team. I will fulfill my role in the team and show my best in the season,” he concluded.

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