Pippen’s ex-wife

Marcus Jordan (left) and Larsa Pippen announced their wedding plans on social media with side-by-side posts that read ” 섯다 on the way.

The son of ‘basketball emperor’ Michael Jordan (60) and the ex-wife of Jordan’s ‘right-hand man’ Scottie Pippen (58) are to become husband and wife.

According to TMZ, Jordan’s second son, Marcus Jordan (33), is looking for a wedding venue with Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa (49). Larsa was spotted by American media with a diamond ring on her finger. U.S. media speculated that it was an engagement ring.

Larsa and Pippen married in 1997 and had four children, 온라인섯다 including Scottie Pippen Jr. Larsa and her son, Jordan, began dating last year and went full-on “open relationship” mode this year. “My dad, of course, approved of our relationship,” Jordan said.

Jordan and Pippen played together in the National Basketball Association (NBA) in Chicago, where they won six championships. However, they fell out after the April 2020 release of “Last Dance,” a Netflix documentary about their time together in Chicago.

In her 2021 memoir, Unguarded, Pippen wrote: “After watching Last Dance, me and my teammates felt insulted. They made everyone else on the team that won the championship into supporting roles and glorified Jordan,” Pippen wrote in his 2021 memoir, 고스톱 “Jordan would never be who she is without her teammates.”

Pippen has since reiterated his dissatisfaction with Jordan in several media interviews.

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