Strong Typhoon ‘Eagle’ is heading for China…End of rainy season maximum variable

Typhoon Eagle, which has been growing its power day after day, is heading north toward Taiwan and China.

Korea is unlikely to be directly affected by the typhoon, but the typhoon has emerged as a big variable at the end of this year’s rainy season.

Typhoon “Eagle” is moving northward in the Philippines in the Philippines.

In the center, the eyes that symbolize a strong typhoon are becoming clearer.

“Eagle” is expected to develop into a “very strong” typhoon with a maximum wind speed of 50m per second as it passes through the warm sea.

The typhoon will pass through Taiwan around Thursday while maintaining strong power, and will land near Fuzhou, China later in the week.

Analysts say that Korea is somewhat far from the typhoon, so there will be no direct impact.

However, it is expected to be a big variable in the rainy season.

If the typhoon enters inland China, the North Pacific High Pressure will also move northward, raising the rainy front to North Korea.

However, if the typhoon turns westward than expected, a rain cloud zone will spread inland.

The average rainy season ended around July 24 in the south and around July 26 in the central part.

Rainfall in the inland has been forecast since Wednesday afternoon, but the Korea Meteorological Administration is cautious about the end of the rainy season.

This is because typhoons release huge amounts of water vapor in East Asia and there is a possibility of moving northward to another tropical storm.

<Park Joong-hwan / Forecast Analyst at the Korea Meteorological Administration> “I can tell you that the edge volatility of the North Pacific high pressure is very high. The range of variability expected in each model covers the entire South.”

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that by the 28th, when uncertainty decreases, it will be outlined to some extent even at the end of the rainy season.


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