Gangwon FC ‘Young Gun’ Yang Hyun-Jun is heading to the European stage of his dreams.

On the afternoon of the 15th, Gangwon FC announced Yang’s transfer to Celtic through their official YouTube channel. On the same day, Kangwon FC CEO Kim Byung-ji signed the contract in person.

After the broadcast, the club said in a press release, “We are in a tough situation where we are in the bottom half of the table, but we have made a great decision for the development of Korean football.

The owner, Governor Kim Jin-tae of the Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province, also allowed the player to move to Europe to grow to the next level, opening the way for him to become a representative player from Gangwon FC to promote Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province and Korea.”

“Although the club is in a bad situation, we made a difficult decision after careful consideration for the player’s future and the development of Korean soccer,” said Kim Byung-ji, CEO of Gangwon FC.

“We signed good players in the summer transfer market to prepare for Yang’s departure. We hope that the fans will show their support, and we will do our best to support the team so that there is no gap in power.”

Meanwhile, according to Kim Byung-ji, Yang’s transfer fee is more than €2.5 million (approximately $3.6 billion). 파워볼게임

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