Fans gathered in front of the training ground to watch the South Korean team.

The South Korean national football team, led by interim head coach Kim Do-hoon, will hold its second training session in the region on Thursday (June 4) at the Bishan Stadium in Bishan, Singapore, starting at 7:40 p.m. ET, ahead of its FIFA Confederations Cup North America 2026 Asia Second Qualifying Group C match against Singapore.

The match between South Korea and 카지노 Singapore will kick off at 9 p.m. on June 6 at The National Stadium in Singapore.

As of 7 p.m. on Thursday, the team had yet to arrive, but fans lined up at the entrance of the local training center an hour before the start of training to catch a glimpse of the Korean players.

While we hadn’t seen a crowd of fans before the first training session the day before, there were about 50 fans in attendance. Some fans were holding jerseys of their favorite players. The crowd is a mix of locals and fans from South Korea.

“I’m here to see Son Heung-min,” said 8-year-old Korean resident Carrigan Miya, who lives in Singapore, “I’ve been here since 6:30pm. I wanted to come yesterday, but I had homework,” he laughed, then said, ‘When I see Son Heung-min, I want to say, ’He’s really good.

“I’m a Son Heung-min fan, but my favorite team in the Premier League is Arsenal,” he said shyly. I don’t know how this sounds, but I imagine Son Heung-min wearing an Arsenal jersey,” he smiled.

Meanwhile, after four matches, South Korea is leading the group with three wins and a draw (10 points). They sit atop the Group C leaderboard ahead of second-placed China (7 points), third-placed Thailand (4 points) and last-placed Singapore (1 point).

With the first and second place finishers in each group qualifying for the third qualifying round, South Korea will advance to the third qualifying round regardless of the outcome of their Game 5 tie against Singapore and Game 6 against China on Nov. 11.

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