Professional basketball player Heo Woong is suing his ex-girlfriend, A. Heo Woong’s past remarks are being revisited.

Heo Woong talked about marriage on the JTBC show “Hersem Sewol,” which aired in July 2022.

“I honestly have no intention of getting married,” he said at the time. “I want to get married at 40,” he added. His mother was stunned and responded, “At 40? Are you crazy?” To which Heo reiterated, “I really want to get married at 40.”

Earlier, Heo Woong filed a police complaint against his ex-girlfriend, A, at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on the 26th, accusing her of attempted extortion and blackmail, violation of the Act on the Punishment of Stalking Crimes, and violation of the Act on the Control of Narcotic Drugs.

At the time of the broadcast, Heo Woong and A had broken up. Heo Woong met Ms. A in December 2018 through a mutual acquaintance and became romantically involved, but they broke up in December 2021.

In his complaint, Heo Woong said, “I have been subjected to constant money demands and threats for three years since I broke up with my ex-girlfriend,” and claimed that his ex-girlfriend’s two abortions were mutually agreed upon.

On the other hand, A told Sports Illustrated on the same day, “Both abortions were forced by Heo Woong. He never expressed his intention to marry her,” and also refuted the claim that she engaged in self-harming behavior after taking drugs.

“He said that he could not tell his parents about the abortions, and he demanded a relationship immediately after the surgeries,” she added. 안전놀이터

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