Installation view of 'Suki Seokyeong Kang,' running through June 15, at Tina Kim Gallery in New York / Courtesy of the artist and Tina Kim Gallery

NEW YORK — In the bustling world of contemporary art, few names resonate like Tina Kim, the visionary behind Tina Kim Gallery in New York City. Coinciding with Frieze New York, Kim shared her gallery’s pivotal role in bringing Korean art to the global stage and her insights into the evolving art market.Tina Kim Gallery, established in 2001 in Chelsea, Manhattan, has become a hub for cultural exchange, fostering Korean artists’ presence in the global art scene. It began with a commitment to introduce Western audiences to Korean art, which was largely unrecognized in the international arena at that time.”When I first opened my gallery on 25th Street, there were other Korean galleries around, but they eventually pulled back. I’m proud that through my efforts, many Korean artists’ works have been acquired by museums,” Kim reflected on the gallery’s evolution and her pride in the success of Korean artists abroad during an interview with The Korea Times at her gallery, April 26. Ahead of Frieze New York, which runs from Wednesday to Sunday, Kim shared her perspective on the importance of art fairs.”Art fairs are not just about sales,” she said. “They’re about creating dialogues, sparking interest and educating collectors and the public about new talents.”

This year at Frieze New York, Tina Kim Gallery features a varied collection of works from notable artists like Pacita Abad, Suki Seokyeong Kang and Mire Lee. These works engage with the complexities of global and regional tensions, showcasing the gallery’s dedication to diversity and inclusion. “Kang’s integration of traditional Korean culture, music and choreography into her work captivates many curators, leading to acquisitions by prominent institutions like San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago,” Kim noted. “Her exhibit ‘Willow Drum Oriole’ was a highlight during Frieze Seoul, but by hosting this exhibition in New York now, we aim to introduce Kang’s unique artistry to a broader audience, especially those who missed the chance to see her work in Seoul.”Kim explained that Kang’s work is rooted in traditional training while engaging with contemporary life, exploring how we navigate boundaries and reconcile tradition with rapid changes of modern time.”This resonates strongly with the younger generation,” Kim said. “Every culture has its traditions, and figuring out how to engage with these traditions in today’s fast-paced world is a vital question.”The owner also pointed out that from an academic perspective, curators are drawn to how Kang seamlessly connects traditional and contemporary elements in her 스포츠토토존 art.

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