Munich may appoint an interim coach to replace Alonso.

“Bayern Munich could bring in Ralf Rangnick to replace Thomas Tuchel and will wait for Xabi Alonso for at least a year,” British outlet reported on Tuesday (KST).

After Alonso confirmed earlier that he would stay at Leverkusen, the Bavarians were quickly on the hunt for their next manager. There were many candidates, but Nagelsmann was at the top of the list. In fact, all the media outlets said that Nagelsmann would be appointed and there were even negotiations.

But on the 19th, the news came as a shock. The German Football Association announced on its official website that “Julian Nagelsmann will remain as head coach of the German men’s national team after the European Championship on home soil. Nagelsmann’s new contract will run until the end of the next FIFA World Cup in 2026 in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.”

“This is a decision of the heart,” Nagelsmann said. It is a great honor to be able to train the national team and work with the best players. I have the opportunity to inspire the whole country through successful and passionate matches. The two victories in France and the Netherlands in March were very emotional. I can’t wait to enjoy a successful home European Championship together and I’m looking forward to challenging for the World Cup with the coaching staff,” said Nagelsmann on his re-signing.

Now, with Nagelsmann’s departure, Munich must quickly look for an alternative. According to a report by French outlet L’Equipe, the Bavarians could make a surprise move for Langnick to fill the coaching void. Langnick is a well-known name in management, although his time at Manchester United was a controversial point in his career.

Since Mourinho was appointed as the club’s interim manager in November 2021, the Red Devils have recorded their lowest point total in Premier League history. In 29 games under his leadership, the Red Devils have won just 11, drawn 10 and lost eight, highlighting the difficulties they have faced during his tenure.

Despite his mixed reception at Manchester United, Munich’s interest in Rangnick stems from their need for a transitional figure to take over until Alonso’s arrival. Until Alonso’s arrival, the club needed to find a temporary solution, and Langnick emerged as a potential candidate to help them through the 스포츠토토 transition.

In addition to his latest managerial role, Langnick has made significant contributions to soccer with his innovative tactics and influential role in player development. Credited as one of the founders of the high-intensity pressing tactic known as gegenpressing, Lang’s tactics have left an indelible mark on modern soccer.

His tactics have been adopted by managers such as Jürgen Klopp, and he has also established a successful youth development system during his time at Salzburg-Leipzig, which has fostered the development of a number of promising youngsters who have gone on to make their mark on the world stage.

If Munich were to appoint Langnick, they would sign him for at least a year, and if Alonso is ready to move on, they would be able to snap him up.

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