Kazakh Governor of Turkistan Province Darkhan Satybaldy, left, poses with Korea International Trade Association Chairman Yoon Jin-sik, center, and Kazakh Ambassador to Korea Nurgali Arystanov at the KITA building in Seoul, March 31. Courtesy of Embassy of Kazakhstan in Seoul

Darkhan Satybaldy, governor of Kazakhstan’s Turkistan Province, made an official visit to Korea aiming to bolster economic ties between the two nations. During his stay, which spanned five days starting from March 31, Satybaldy engaged in bilateral discussions with prominent Korean business leaders and organizations, extending invitations for collaboration in various sectors.At the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) headquarters, Satybaldy discussed abundant investment opportunities and the potential for enhanced trade cooperation between Korea and Kazakhstan. Highlighting the favorable business environment in Kazakhstan, Satybaldy urged KITA member companies to explore partnerships with Turkistan Province.

Korea’s significant role in Kazakhstan’s economy was emphasized, noting that as of 2023, Korea had become the fifth-largest investor in the Kazakh economy, trailing behind the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland and China. Opportunities for Korean investment were highlighted in sectors such as construction, agriculture, processing, medicine and pharmaceuticals.In addition, talks were conducted with Doosan Enerbility Vice President Kim Jong-gwan to explore potential investment cooperation. Satybaldy underscored the appeal of investment incentives in the Turkistan Province, positioning it as a focal point for growth in southern Kazakhstan. A memorandum 온라인카지노 of understanding was signed indicating a dedication to further investigate business prospects.

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