Figure skating Seo Min-gyu takes first place in short at the Junior World Championships… Korean man’s first gold in sight

Following Shin Ji-ah in women’s singles, Seo Min-gyu in men’s singles also took the lead in short…

Lee Jae-geun, given the green light for ‘joint championship’, ranked 12th… advance to free

Min-gyu Seo (Kyungshin Middle School), a promising figure skating men’s singles figure,

ranked first in the short program at the Junior World Championships and was on the verge of becoming the first Korean male athlete to win a gold medal. 바카라사이트

Seo Min-gyu

Seo Min-gyu ranked first with 80.58 points, including technical score (TES) of 44.33 and artistic score (PCS) of 36.25,

in the men’s single short program at the 2024 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating Junior World Championships held at Taipei Arena, Taiwan on the 29th.

He surpassed his short program personal high score (75.67 points) set at the 3rd competition of the 2023-2024 ISU Junior Grand Prix last September.

It is 1.79 points behind France’s François Pitot (78.79 points), who ranked second.

In Korean men’s singles, no player has yet won a gold medal at the World Championships, either junior or senior.

If Seo Min-gyu receives a high score in free skating,

he will become the first Korean male single to win the figure skating world championship.

In particular, with Shin Ji-ah (Yeongdong Middle School) taking the lead in the women’s single short program held the previous day,

Korean figure skating also had the opportunity to win both the men’s and women’s singles at this Junior Championships.

Seo Min-gyu, who was ranked second in the last group and 37th overall,

got off to a fresh start by performing the first task, the triple axel,

perfectly and earning a score of performance (GOE) of 1.49.

Lee Jae-Geun

Next, in the Triple Lutz, attention was shown (be careful of using the edge), but he received a GOE of 0.67 points.

Seo Min-gyu, who completed both the change foot camel spin and the flying sit spin at level 4,

the highest level of difficulty, showed off a variety of skating techniques in the step sequence and received level 4.

Seo Min-gyu successfully completed the triple flip-triple toe loop combination jump,

a late task worth 10% extra points, and raised his score by completing the last task, change foot combination spin, at level 4.

Jae-Geun Lee (Suri High School), who also competed, ranked 12th with TES of 38.17 points,

PCS of 32.98 points, deduction of 1.00 points, and a total of 70.15 points.

Lee Jae-Geun broke his short program personal high score (69.47 points)

set at the 7th competition of the 2022-2023 Junior Grand Prix.

Jae-Geun Lee was put on the triple Axel, which was his first jumping task,

but he was able to stably perform all the components including the triple Lutz and triple loop-triple toe loop combination jump.

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