“If you don’t frame, runners will run.”

In 2024, the KBO enters a cataclysmic era. The Automatic Ball Scoring System (ABS), aka robot umpires, will be introduced. Pitch clock is also implemented.

There will be no more protests over calls of strikes and balls. It’s a race against the machine to find the right zone. It’s also a race against time. Pitchers have a set amount of time to throw the ball and batters have to be ready to hit.

All position players are affected, but the catcher is the one who can be the most confused. The different zones will completely change the way they think about their pitches. Leads, such as missing a ball, can become meaningless. At the same time, framing (the act of moving the mitt to get a favorable call when the catcher catches the ball) may not be necessary. No matter how the catcher catches the ball, all that matters is that it passes through the zone as seen by the machine. Even a low curveball that hits the ground is a strike if it crosses the zone. This emphasizes the importance of blocking. And there’s no time. You have to think fast. You don”t have time to think for a long time about the classification and the course. You also need to build up your stamina. If you get tired, you don’t have time to get up and catch your breath. 바카라사이트 The catcher must sit down before the eight-second pitch clock runs out.

So, what kind of catcher is best suited for this new game?

We asked the ‘godfather of catchers’, Cho Bum-hyun, former manager of the KIA Tigers and KT Wiz. “In fact, professional teams have already prepared their pitching strategy and lead before the game, so I don’t think the aftermath of the pitch clock will interfere too much with the pitcher’s lead,” he said, “but there are times when catchers have a headache. It’s a time when they’re thinking about what pitch to take, what ball to choose. If you’re not careful with the time you have, it’s possible that a single ball can have a huge impact on the game. The time limit also makes it difficult to get detailed bench signals. Players who are able to make quick decisions will have an advantage,” he explained.

He also acknowledged the importance of blocking. “Pitchers with good curves like Park Se-woong (Lotte) will have a lot of advantages,” Cho said. For that, the catcher must be able to block reliably. The latest trend in baseball is for the catcher to move with one foot instead of two when blocking. This increases their speed. Catchers with flexible hips have an advantage when it comes to blocking.”

Among the above-mentioned issues, framing was the most controversial when robot umpires were introduced.

Catchers like Yoo Kang-nam of the Lotte Giants, who “made a living” by being good at framing, would be greatly reduced in value.

However, Cho had a different opinion. “If robot umpires are introduced, it’s impossible for catchers not to care about framing,” he said. He focused on stolen bases. “Catchers have habits they’ve been doing all their lives,” Cho said. They catch the ball without thinking, and then they don’t have a good throwing position. If there are no runners on base, it doesn’t matter, but if there are runners on base, 토토사이트 추천 catchers will instinctively make the fastest throwing motion by receiving the ball the way it was originally received. They will still need to frame to keep runners out, not frame to get a strike.”

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