Is this Barcelona or Miami?’Uruguayan veteran goal scorer Luis Suarez (36) reunited with Lionel Messi (36), who worked together at FC Barcelona (Spain), at Inter Miami, an American professional soccer team.On the 13th (local time), Inter Miami’s first official training of the 2024 season was held at the training ground in Fort Lauderdale, near Miami, Florida, USA.It was also the first schedule for Suarez, who signed a one-year contract until this year, wearing the Miami uniform.

Suarez is a Uruguayan soccer legend who played in 138 international matches for the national team, scored 68 goals, and participated in the World Cup finals four times in a row since 2010.On the professional stage, he performed brilliantly in Liverpool (England) and Barcelona.In particular, in Barcelona, ​​he played with Messi, who joined Miami in the middle of last season, for 6 seasons from 2014 to 2020, winning a total of 9 trophies, including 4 La Liga titles and 1 UEFA Champions League (UCL).

It was a time when three strikers from South America, including these two and Neymar (Al-Hilal), currently playing in the Saudi Arabian league, were called the ‘MSN Trio’, named after the first letters of their names, and boasted an active volcano-like offensive power.Messi is not Suarez’s only former Barcelona teammate in Miami.Left defender Jordi Alba (34) and midfielder Sergio Busquets (35) followed Messi in the Miami uniform in the middle of last season.These four sat side by side on a bench during training and chatted with bright expressions.At the press conference that day, Suarez loudly declared that he would achieve a ‘quadruple’ (winning four competitions) in the new season with his reunited teammates.

He said, “The advice I can give to younger players is to dream big. I think it would be nice to dream of winning four competitions. That’s up to us. We have to prove it with effort, dedication, and sacrifice.”Miami is attempting to win the League Cup for the second time in a row and is also aiming to win the North and Central American Champions Cup, the U.S. Open Cup, and the regular Major League Soccer (MLS). Suarez still showed his sense of goal by scoring 8 goals in 16 games at Nacional in Uruguay in 2022 and 29 goals in 54 games at Gremio in Brazil last year.However, you never know when your chronic knee injury may get worse.

‘Unstable mental state’ is also considered a factor of anxiety.Suarez caused a ‘nuclear tooth incident’ in which he bit opposing players a total of three times, including biting Giorgio Chiellini’s left shoulder during the group stage match against Italy at the 2014 Brazil World Cup.Since the nuclear tooth incident has not occurred in 10 years, there does not seem to be much concern about a similar incident occurring again.However, the condition of the knee is still a variable.Inter Miami coach Tata Martino said, “Lewis trained very hard today and finished training 온라인카지노 well. Of course, as the season gets longer, he will need attention to his knee.”

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