Jae-hyun Oh, a guard for professional basketball team Seoul SK, will represent the team in the All-Star Game 3-point contest.He has been talked about by fans as a representative player with poor outside shooting ability in professional basketball.Teams facing SK have been using the so-called ‘sagging defense’ by separating defenders in front of Oh Jae-hyeon and plIn fact, Jae-Hyeon Oh is the player who has scored the most 3 points (34) in SK this season In this 3-point contest, each club must send out at least one player among the players who made the most three points and the player who scored the second most, according to the club’s judgment.

Between Youngjun Ahn (31) and Jaehyun Oh, SK’s choice was Jaehyun Oh.Jaehyun Oh’s 3-point success rate is 32.7%.Ahn Young-jun is 32.6%.Oh Jae-hyun, who met with reporters after the home game (87-61 win) against Goyang Sono held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 5th, showed the confidence of ‘SK’s representative shooter.’Oh Jae-hyeon, who also hit two 3-pointers on this day, said, “I actually thought I would be able to participate comfortably, but I think I became the ‘highlight’ (of the 3-point contest).”Oh Jae-hyun added, “Everyone around me is waiting for me to throw. That’s why I feel pressured,” and added, “I think I’ll be better at throwing when there’s no defense.”Jae-Hyeon Oh is often able to shoot with relative ease because defenders are always focused on Warney.Coach Jeon Hee-cheol joked about Oh Jae-hyun’s participation, saying, “Any player who loses to Oh Jae-hyun will have to prepare to be scolded 스포츠토토존 by their own team.”

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