Can he reach 2000 hits?

Veteran infielder Kim Sun-bin (34) has signed a free agent contract with the KIA Tigers. He signed a three-year, 3 billion won deal on April 4. It includes a 600 million won signing bonus, 1.8 billion won in salary, and a 600 million won option. It is a contract worth 1 billion won per year, although the option is contingent on being fulfilled. This is the second time he’s hit the jackpot after signing a four-year, $4 billion deal in his first free agency. That’s a lot of money for a successful baseball career.

Kim graduated from Hwasun High School in Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do. He was so talented at baseball that he was selected as a youth representative in high school. He also played shortstop and was a pitcher with a strong shoulder that could throw over 140 kilometers. However, he didn’t receive a top pick in the 2008 draft, falling in the sixth round of the second round. His small frame held him back. At 5’10”, he was the shortest professional baseball player at the time.

His small frame didn’t allow him to win the bat, and he was an automatic push hitter, but his solid defense and quick feet allowed him to win the shortstop job as a rookie. 안전놀이터 In 112 games as a rookie, he hit 2-for-5. He became a fan favorite as the Tigers’ mascot. He wasn’t a starter when the Tigers won the title in 2009, but in 2010, he became the starting shortstop, leading the infield with second baseman Ahn Chi-hong.

His batting talent also began to shine.

While he didn’t break into the triple digits, his 2-for-9 batting average helped the offense. His best season came in 2017, when he returned from military service. For the first time, he broke the triple digits in regulation. He also won his first batting title with a whopping 3 for 7. He was part of the team that won the division title and was named the Golden Glove winner at shortstop.

After the 2019 season, he became eligible for free agency and signed a four-year, $4 billion deal. At the time, it was an ice age of free agency, so it was not easy to sign. There were many free agents and clubs were not willing to overpay. However, Ahn Chi-hong, who also became a free agent, made a surprise move to Lotte and signed for 4 billion won, which was higher than the initial offer.

For the next four years, he played steadily. He even led the team as captain for two years starting in the 2022 season. During his first free agency, he played 474 games and had 1975 at-bats. He batted .376 with nine home runs, 213 RBI, 189 runs scored, 17 doubles, and an OPS of .757. It was a solid four years, albeit marred by injuries.

Including his second free agent contract, he earned 7 billion won.

This may not seem like much compared to players who hit the 10 billion won jackpot at once, but it’s enough to put him in the category of successful baseball players. He will be 37 years old when he finishes his three-year contract. His hitting ability is so good that he can play for a long time if he takes care of his body.

He has 1506 hits in his career. He”s on track to reach 2,000 career hits. 파워볼게임 If he hits 130 home runs a year, he”ll get there in four seasons. No other Tigers player has ever hit 2,000 hits as a one-club member. Kim could be the next player to make history for the Tigers.

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