A U.S. man who was assaulted after being “provoked” by former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, 57, while sitting in the front seat of an airplane, has demanded $450,000 (about 580 million won) in a settlement .Melvin Townsend, who was assaulted by Tyson on a flight from San Francisco last year, made the demand to Tyson’s camp, the New York Post reported on Tuesday (Nov. 30).Townsend claimed that he suffered severe pain in his neck and head after being hit by Tyson, and that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) along with depression. He added that he has suffered damage to his social reputation since the assault, including the loss of his job. Earlier, he boarded a flight from San Francisco to Florida last year and after identifying the passenger in front of him as Tyson, he began talking to him incessantly.

Initially, Tyson appeared to be friendly with Townsend, engaging him in small talk, but when he continued his nerve-wracking behavior, including throwing a water bottle at him, he stood up and punched him.Tyson then removed himself from the plane, and Townsend received first aid.Townsend’s defense claims he was just excited to see Tyson in person.Townsend’s position is that if he does not receive a settlement, he will file a formal lawsuit, but Tyson’s representatives have said they have no intention of settling.Tyson, nicknamed “Nuclear Fist,” was one of 온라인카지노 boxing’s biggest stars in the late 1980s.Tyson was convicted in a 1992 sexual assault case and served nearly three years in prison.

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