“I spoke with (Kim) Kang-min on the day the transfer was finalized. I think he’ll do well at Hanwha, but…”

Kim will be 42 next year. Still, he is an undisputed legend among active KBO players. The bond between them is bound to be strong.

There are only three left of the golden generation born in 1982. Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung), Choo Shin-soo (SSG), and Kim Kang-min (Hanwha).

The SSG Landers have quickly become the center of attention on Stovrig after releasing Choi Joo-hwan and Kim Kang-min in the last two drafts.

Kim’s departure was a major blow to the Incheon baseball fandom, which had been hotly anticipating SSG’s championship last year. Kim is a one-club man, a franchise star who has played for one team for 23 years, 온라인카지노 starting with the SK Wyverns. He was part of all five championships and was the MVP of the Korean Series last year.

Fans were outraged by the way he was treated. Former team president Kim Sung-yong resigned, and SSG Landers Field was filled with wreaths of Incheon baseball colors sent by fans.

Oh Seung-hwan was also surprised by the news.

“Congratulations? I’m sorry? I don’t know what to say,” said Oh Seung-hwan at the ceremony on the 30th. He is also a one-club man and a legend in the KBO, having played 14 seasons with Samsung. He is currently a Grade C free agent, not a Samsung player. It’s no wonder his friend’s sudden departure is complicated.

“He probably panicked a lot. I think he will definitely do well at Hanwha, because he has that kind of ability.”

Oh Seung-hwan added, “SSG fans will be very sad, but I think it will be comforting for them to know that Kim Kang-min will play for at least one more season, so they have a little more time to see him (on the field).”

As for his phone call with Kim, he sighed, saying, “There was nothing I could tell him, just a normal phone call (as a friend).”

Oh Seung-hwan has always been ‘confident’ when it comes to his age. But now he can’t avoid talking about his age. It’s true that he’s gotten a little older every year.

Now, Samsung has signed Kim Jae-yoon to a four-year, 5.8 billion won contract.

The signing of Kim Jae-yoon is notable because it is the finalization of the position.

Oh Seung-hwan said, “Our biggest problem is the bullpen. I always say I’m confident, but my age is showing in my performance. I can’t deny it,” he said, adding, “I’m a free agent, which doesn’t really fit my age. Without Samsung, there would be no Oh Seung-hwan. I will talk to the team and try to make a good picture,” he added.

“I will put aside my personal greed now. It’s stupid to cling to a position,” he continued.

“I feel like I’ve been making false promises (winning) to Samsung fans every time. I’ve been doing this for years now. Today I got the record of the year (400 saves), but now I’ll just focus on the team. I’m definitely in good shape. I want Samsung to finish first one last time, and I want to have one season where I don’t have to hear about my age.”

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