Lee Jeong-hoo is expected to enjoy the Major League stage wearing the San Francisco Giants uniform next season. 

He signed a contract that exceeded expectations and crossed the Pacific Ocean.

John Heyman of the American media ‘New York Post’ said on his SNS on the 13th (Korean time), “Lee Jung-hoo signed a contract with the San Francisco Giants.

The contract period is 6 years, a total of 113 million dollars (about 149 billion won), 2027 season. “It appears that an opt-out clause is included after termination.”

On the afternoon of the 4th, Lee Jeong-hoo’s original team, Kiwoom Heroes, said, “Lee Jeong-hoo’s posting (private competitive bidding)

notice to the American Major League (MLB) will be announced on December 4th, Eastern Time,” and “We hope to recruit Lee Jeong-hoo starting the day after the posting notice.” “ 먹튀검증사이트

We will begin full-scale negotiations for 30 days with 30 major league clubs,” the official announced.

In accordance with the Korea-US Player Contract Agreement, major league clubs wishing to recruit Lee Jeong-hoo were able to proceed with negotiations until 5 PM (US Eastern Time) on January 3 of next year.

San Francisco moved quickly to strengthen its power. General Manager Pete Putilla visited Gocheok Sky Dome last October and personally checked Lee Jung-hoo’s physical condition, betting $113 million and becoming the KBO League’s best star.

San Francisco is the team where KT Wiz’s Hwang Jae-gyun achieved his dream of becoming a big leaguer in the 2017 season. 

Song Seung-jun, Kim Sun-woo, Kim Byeong-hyun, and Lee Hak-ju played for San Francisco’s minor league team.

There were local media reports in the U.S. that the San Diego Padres, who were in dire need of strengthening their outfield,

Could also enter the race to recruit Lee Jung-hoo, but Lee Jung-hoo’s final choice was San Francisco.

The interest of major league clubs in Lee Jung-hoo was ‘genuine.’ Born in 1998, everything about him was attractive

including his young age in his mid-20s, which can be considered the peak age for baseball players, his outstanding ability, and his decent outfield defense.

On the 4th, John Heyman said on his SNS, “KBO MVP-former outfielder Lee Jung-hoo is expected to be posted as early as the 5th.

Many teams, including the San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, and New York Yankees, are interested in Lee Jung-hoo.” The reaction was reported.

USA Today also emphasized that numerous teams are paying close attention to Lee Jeong-hoo’s posting, saying,

The New York Mets are showing great interest in Lee Jeong-hoo to strengthen their power this offseason.”

On the 6th, Major League Baseball’s official website ‘MLB.com’ said, “San Francisco is looking at ‘Korean star’ Lee Jeong-hoo to upgrade its center fielder,” and “San Francisco won the 2022 KBO MVP and posted a batting average of 0.340 over 7 seasons in the league.

It is one of the teams actively trying to recruit the 25-year-old Jeong-hoo Lee. Although Jeong-hoo Lee suffered a fractured left ankle in July of this year and played only 86 games

San Francisco sent general manager Putilla to Korea in October to watch Jeong-hoo Lee’s final game for Kiwoom. “They did not spare any attention, sending it to .”

In an interview at the Winter Meeting, San Francisco General Manager Putilla shared his impressions of Lee Jeong-hoo, saying

It was nice to see him take 6 or 7 swings in one at-bat,” adding, “I was also able to see him catching a fly ball, and his energy was truly amazing.

It was a great experience.” He also praised it, saying, “It was.”

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