Suwon Katie (KT) handed the Wonju Division (DB) their first back-to-back losses of the season.

The team had the misfortune of losing Heo Hoon, who made a spectacular return from the military in Round 2, to a broken nose at the start of Round 3, but Paris Bass, Jung Sung-woo, Han Hee-won, and Moon Sung-gon filled the void.
K.T. won its second straight game to stay in third place, defeating D.B. 90-82 in the third round of the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Pro Basketball League at Wonju Gymnasium in Gangwon Province on March 17.

After losing 88-94 to Busan KCC on Nov. 15, Divi also lost to Katie on the same day, marking their first back-to-back losses of the season, but still maintained their lead.
Bass played all 40 minutes of the game and finished with 43 points, nine rebounds and two assists.

It was his most points of the season.

Bass poured in 28 points, including five three-pointers, in the first half alone, and also grabbed five rebounds to turn the game completely in Katie’s favor.

Bass is now averaging the second-most points (24.5) this season behind only Seoul Eskay’s Jamil Warney (26.3).
Domestic players have been equally impressive. 안전토토사이트

Katie grabbed 44 bounced balls, 11 more than Divi, to showcase her pressure defense and quick offensive transition, especially her 16 offensive rebounds.

She also had eight fast break points, four more than Debbie, and eight steals, three more than Debbie.
Commentator Shin Ki-sung said, “Heo Hoon’s absence on the offensive end was largely covered by players like Jung Sung-woo, Han Hee-won, and Moon Sung-gon with their superior activity on the defensive and rebounding end.

Rebounding is not about catching a ball that falls out of place, but about catching a ball that literally bounces out of nowhere, and there were many players in Katie who dared to go for it.”
“Bass led the offense well, and Jung Sung-woo hit at the right time,” said Katie head coach Song Young-jin after the game.

All of our players were outstanding today,” she said, expressing her satisfaction.

“Leading the division in rebounds is proof that we played with a lot of determination, and it paid off,” he said.

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