“We had a different mindset for today’s (Nov. 21) game.”

Wonju DB snapped a two-game losing streak by defeating Daegu KOGAS 85-72 in a 2023-2024 regular-season professional basketball game at Daegu Gymnasium on Nov. 21.

Rebounding was the key to DB’s victory. DB, which scored its first points after back-to-back offensive rebounds from the start of the game, outrebounded KOGAS in every quarter: 15-7 in the first quarter, 14-4 in the second quarter (13-4 during the game, but revised to 14-4 after the game), 8-4 in the third quarter, and 12-7 in the fourth quarter.

DB grabbed 27 more rebounds (49-22) than Gasworks.

Kang Sang-jae led the way with 23 points, 11 rebounds and six assists on the day. The points, rebounds, and assists were all career highs for both teams. He was 1-of-5 from three-point range, but made all eight of his two-point attempts.

“In the previous two games, we lost our first back-to-back games of the season,” said Kang Sang-jae. I had a nose injury against SK. I couldn’t contribute to the team, and we lost.” “Today (Nov. 21), we played with a different mindset. It led to a good game,” he said after the victory.

DB coach Kim Joo-sung said, “We won, but the game was bad. We can’t do the basics because we’ve been playing badly lately. We made some ridiculous plays and mistakes. It would be nice if we kept the basics well,” he said, regretting the game.

Hearing this, Kang Sang-jae said, “We became a rebounding team, but we didn’t have the fast attack or fastball that we have been doing, and we made mistakes, so the coach reprimanded us.” “We need to run more, take chances, and play smoothly, but we stagnated in the third round, and the players are feeling it. I think the coach is not satisfied with that.”

DB’s first two losses were due to giving up tons of offensive rebounds. On this day, they made up for it with an 18-3 advantage in offensive rebounds.

Kang Sang-jae said, “Rebounding is a matter of will, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have the will. I think we got complacent. The coach kept emphasizing it, and the players were alert and came out strong to show the fans a winning game.” “Not only defensive rebounds, but also offensive rebounds are a matter of will and mindset. I want us to have that same mindset in every game we play, starting with today’s game.”

Gasworks also focused on reducing Lee Sun Abando’s speed to counter DB’s fast offense. This may be one of the reasons for DB’s lack of fast breaks lately.

“We need to make it easier for Albano to catch the first pass when we make a mistake or grab a rebound, and we need to make sure that our bigs move accurately and create opportunities for him to make switches or attack by coming over to the frontcourt and setting screens accurately,” said Kang Sang-jae.

As for why he stagnated in the third round as opposed to the first and second rounds, Kang said, “You have to move a step further and play better on defense and offense. “The coach is telling me, and we’re having video meetings to find out what’s wrong. I’m sure it will be different in the first and second rounds,” he said.


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