Heungkuk Life’s Yelena, a third-year V-League player, expressed her satisfaction with her life in Korea.
Yelena first stepped onto a Korean court in 2021 after signing a contract with KGC Ginseng Corporation (now Chung Kwan-jang).

She played in 32 games and 114 sets, scoring 672 points with an attacking success rate of 39.44%.

He ranked fifth in offensive total and scoring.
From the 2022-2023 season, he switched teams.

He joined Heungkuk Life and has been with them this season.

Last season, he played 36 games, 135 sets, 821 points, 34 serves, and 66 blocked shots.

She ranked third in scoring, fourth in total offense, and second in serving.
This season, Yelena has done her part as well.

In nine matches and 35 sets, she scored 189 points.

She is fifth in total offense and sixth in points.

In particular, she ranks first in the back row offense.

She has a team-high 32.90% attack percentage and 42.79% attack success rate.
These performances are helping the team stay on top of the standings.

On the 17th, he also showed off his skills.

In a 3-0 win over GS Caltex at the Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium, he scored a team-high 18 points.
Head coach Marcello Abondanza said, “Yelena’s back-attack has improved. Her blocking has improved, and her concentration in the game has improved.”
Yelena finished runner-up last season.

This year, she and her teammates are looking to win the title.

On the changes she’s noticed in the team this season, Yelena says, “We’re definitely playing differently.

The younger players, but especially the older ones, are mentally stronger.

We have the same composition, but we have a different team.”
The V-League is also changing this season.

Unlike the previous two seasons, the Asian quota system was introduced for the first time. 먹튀검증

Each team now has two foreign players.

“It’s much harder to play,” she says.

There’s more tension on the court.

I think we have three foreign players on our team (including Kim Yeon-kyung),” she said, “but I think the overall level of play has improved.”
For Jang, the adjustment to life in Korea is already over.

According to a representative from Heungkuk Life, she drives and goes shopping by herself.

Usually, foreign athletes have an interpreter as their daily manager.

They spend a lot of time with them, driving them to and from work and helping them navigate life in Korea.
But not Yelena. She’s more Korean than Korean.
“I’m enjoying it,” she says.

On my days off, I’m hardly ever at home, so I’m out and about.

I get teased because I know more (about Korea) than the Korean players,” she laughs, then adds, “I get along with the staff and players like friends.”
“On my days off, I usually go shopping.

However, shopping for clothes in Korea is difficult. Sizes are only available in large in Korea.

I look for XXL (two-extra-large) or XL (extra-large), but they don’t exist.

So when I buy clothes, I shop online. I give them a thumbs up for fast delivery.”
Moma, who came to the V-League with Yelena in the 2021-2022 season, is also a fan of couriers and delivery apps.

The three-year veteran is settling into Korean life like a pro.

The same goes for Yelena.
Yelena has a lot of love for Heungkuk Life.

“I’m so proud of my teammates.

Today we had a good attack, blocking, and defense.

I want to tell them I’m proud of them,” she said, jokingly adding, “I hope the coach is as happy with the team as I am.”

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