Amid accusations and lawsuits over the Nam Hyun-hee-Cheong-jo case, it has been revealed that Jeon was rebuffed when she tried to make a large sponsorship offer to the Korean Fencing Association through Nam, a former national fencer.

According to a report by Yonhap News Agency on January 1, Mr. Nam introduced Mr. Jeon to senior officials of the fencing association as a “businessman who would donate 3 billion won” and conveyed his intention to sponsor the organization.

According to the fencing association, they attached a condition not to confirm the source of the money.

The proposed sponsorship plan went no further as the federation’s officials refused to provide the account number, saying they could not accept money anonymously.

An association official told Yonhap, “They said, ‘We’ll give you 30 billion won, but don’t check the source,’ but we need to know who gave the money and for what reason.

We said we can’t do that even if it’s 30 billion won.”

According to the association, there was never a meeting between Mr. Jeon, the alleged benefactor, and the working group.

In July, the association was also alerted to another area of the venue where Jeon was not authorized to go.

Again, Mr. Nam reportedly introduced Mr. Jeon as his “investor. 안전토토사이트

The federation dismissed as untrue claims that Nam was promised a position as the next president of the federation because of his large investment in the fencing world.

The fencing association has been chaired by SK Telecom since 2003.

Its annual budget is reportedly around 2.5 billion won.

The federation also said it would take a hard line against anyone who spreads false information about the federation in connection with the incident, saying it would hold them legally responsible.

Meanwhile, Nam serves on the board of directors of both the Fencing Association and the Korea Sports Federation, and has not yet announced his intention to resign.

In this regard, the federation recently held a sports fairness committee to consider how to respond to the incident, including sharing its own findings internally.

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