‘Deadpool’ Sang-wook Kim (30, Havas MMA) and ‘Genius No. 1’ Jae-hyeon Park (21, Korean Zombie MMA) held ‘ROAD TO UFC’ last August.

They suffered hardships side by side in the lightweight semifinals.

Kim Sang-wook was defeated by UFC member Long Ju in striking, and Park Jae-hyun was defeated by Shin Haraguchi in wrestling.  스포츠토토

Both lost 0-3 at the end of the third round and failed to advance to the finals.

I left my disappointment behind and returned to my home ground. 

I pledge to make a new start at AFC (Angel Fighting). 

It was decided to participate in AFC 29, which will be held in a special cage at the Ho Tram Grand Hotel in Vietnam on the 9th of next month.

The two fighters, who gave up their titles side by side to participate in the Road to UFC, are trying to regain their championship belts. 

AFC CEO Park Ho-jun said in an interview with SPOTV News that Kim Sang-wook will compete for the welterweight title and Park Jae-hyun will compete for the lightweight title. 

The opponent will be announced later.

Kim Sang-wook is a former member of the Navy’s Special Warfare Team (UDT) and made his name and face widely known through the military survival entertainment program ‘Steel Unit’. 

He made his professional debut in 2020 and has an overall record of 9 wins and 3 losses. 

Like his mentor ‘Stun Gun’ Kim Dong-hyeon, his strong point is grappling.

Jaehyun Park is a favorite student of ‘Korean Zombie’ Chansung Jung. 

Chan-seong Jeong said, “Once Jae-hyun Park learns a skill, he practices it until it becomes familiar and makes it his own,” giving him the nickname ‘Genius No. 1’, meaning that he is a perseverant genius. 

He has amassed a record of 6 wins and 2 losses since 2019.

AFC will field all of its leading players in AFC 29, the last tournament of the year. 

In addition to Kim Sang-wook and Park Jae-hyun, Hong Jun-young, Song Young-jae, Ko Seok-hyeon, Choi Han-gil, Cha In-ho, and Jang Seong-hyo were included in the bracket. A total of 8 games are planned. 

The matchup has been completed and the matchups will be revealed sequentially.

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