It is reported that a report was not made to the Sports Ethics Center or investigative agencies in time, even after the sexual assault of a coach at an academy run by former fencing national champion Nam Hyun-hee was revealed.

According to a report by Yonhap News Agency on July 26, a complaint was filed with the police in July, alleging that Mr. A, who worked at the Nam Hyun-hee International Fencing Academy in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, committed sexual violence, including molestation, against two underage students for several months.

Mr. A reportedly made the extreme choice in early July, days after the complaint was made, when the sexual assault allegations became public knowledge in the House of Representatives.

About three months later, on July 10, the Center for Sports Ethics received a similar report.

The center is also investigating additional reports that Nam Hyun-hee, the head of the private academy, was aware of the issue and did not take sufficient action.

According to the center, Nam Hyun-hee did not report the sexual abuse at the institute to the relevant authorities in a timely manner.

According to Article 18 (4) (2) of the National Sports Promotion Act, coaches, athletes, and other “athlete management personnel,” as defined by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, must immediately notify the Sports Ethics Center or an investigative agency if they are aware of any human rights violations, irregularities, or suspicions in sports.

According to a decree by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the reporting obligation is imposed not only on coaches of athletic organizations affiliated with the Korean Sports Federation, but also on operators of private academies.

The center says it has not received any communication from Nam Hyun-hee or the fencing academy about the sexual assault.

Nam Hyun-hee was recently at the center of controversy when she revealed in an interview with the monthly magazine Women’s Chosun that she was getting married to her “boyfriend,” Jeon Cheong-jo.

Mr. Jeon, who also participated in the interview, was described as a third-generation chaebol, an equestrian who retired due to injury, and a young businessman.

However, soon after the interview was published, allegations of false gender, fraudulent convictions, and impersonation of the third tycoon arose.

In fact, a court ruling confirmed that Ms. Jeon, a former “woman,” had committed repeated fraud by pretending to be a man or the illegitimate son of a corporate chairman.

When Nam Hyun-hee informed him of their breakup, Mr. Jeon went to Nam Hyun-hee’s mother’s house and was arrested by police on suspicion of stalking on the 26th, but 메이저사이트 was released under investigation.

Jeon is also believed to have been heavily involved in the operation of the fencing academy.

In an interview with Women’s Chosun, Jeon said, “I’ve seen him (Nam Hyun-hee) often (recently) because he works with me at the fencing academy.

In this regard, Nam Hyun-hee explained Jeon’s specific duties at the fencing academy: “I teach people who want to learn fencing for their own reasons, while Mr. Cheongjo is in the business of providing psychological education to children through artistic skills.”

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