South Korean go hopeful Seol Hyun-jun, 8, suffered a tough loss in his debut at the national tournament.Seol competed as Korea’s spearhead in the first round of the 25th Nongshim Shin Ramen Bae World Go Championship, held on the third floor of the Korean Cultural Center in Beijing, China, on Sunday, but was defeated in 200 moves by Xu Zhaian, who represented Japan.With black, Seol Hyun-jun lost a small amount of ground on the pawn and failed to capitalize on a white hemp attack on the right flank.Earlier in the day, in the first round of the Nongshim Baishan Wanted World Senior Go Championship at the same venue, China’s Liu Xiaoguang 9th dan lost to Japan’s Hiroshi Yamashiro 9th dan in 211 moves.In the second round on Monday, South Korea’s Seo Bong-soo will play against Liu Xiaoguang.Seo leads the head-to-head record with two wins and no losses.The prize pool for the Shin Ramabae is 500 million won, with a streak prize of 10 million won for three consecutive wins in the main draw. The prize pool for the Baeksan Manhunt is 180 million won, and the 온라인카지노 player who wins three consecutive matches will receive 5 million won.

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