Faker, Who Missed the China Match, said, “I Have Body Aches and Flu… The Juniors Who Won Against China are in Trouble”

Korean e-sports superstar ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok Lee appeared at the stadium wearing a mask on the 28th and said,

“I had body aches and the flu, so I went to the infirmary and then watched the game.”

Korean E-sports

This morning, the Korean national team of e-sports League of Legends (LoL) defeated China with a set score of 2-0 in the semifinals of the Hangzhou Asian Games held at the Hangzhou e-Sports Center in China.

This semifinal match was so important that it was called the ‘virtual final’. 온라인카지노사이트

However, Lee Sang-hyeok, also known as a ‘legend’ in the e-sports world,

was left out as a candidate following the quarterfinals against Saudi Arabia due to poor condition.

Lee Sang-hyeok

Lee Sang-hyeok told reporters, “I was not feeling well, so I wore a mask.

My body was very tired.

I suddenly got body aches and the flu.”

However, he said, “I got an injection and took medicine today, and I feel a little better.

I personally think I am in good condition to play.”

“Due to the circumstances, I don’t think I can tell you whether I will participate or not,” he said.

He said, “There are a lot of fans cheering us on, so I am very proud of winning 2-0 like this.”

He added, “China is also a team that prepared a lot, and seeing us win made me think that (the juniors) were great.

We can win the gold medal like this.

“I will run to the top,” he said, expressing his ambition.

Meanwhile, the Korean team’s chances of winning a medal increased as it defeated China,

the champion of the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games and a strong candidate for the title in this competition as well.

The national team will play the final against the winner of the Taiwan-Vietnam game starting at 3 PM on this day, Korean time.

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