The loss to Qatar was a low point for the Hwangs as they set sail. However, there is a silver lining. We won anyway, and that changed the mood. It wasn’t without its bumps along the way, but the team was able to hang in there and get the win and move on to the next chapter. However, we shouldn’t forget something.

Hwang Sun-hong’s South Korea U-22 soccer team earned their first win in Group B of the AFC Qatar U-23 Asian Cup 2024 qualifiers. One win, to be exact. Although the team lost 0-2 in Qatar, as the hosts of the tournament, their record against Qatar does not count towards their qualification status. Therefore, the match against Kyrgyzstan at the 카지노사이트 Changwon Football Center on September 9 at 8 p.m. was the actual official start for Hwang Sun-hong’s team.

However, despite the win, the team’s mood is not good. Three minutes into the match, Hong Yun-sang scored from a cross from the right side of the box by Jung Sang-bin, giving the impression that things had changed from the Qatar game, but the team was unable to create chances effectively and ended up with a one-goal victory. It was not enough to ease the sting of the previous defeat, and Hwang expressed his disappointment in the post-match press conference that the team did not score more goals.

Still, it was a victory that took some of the sting out of the previous loss. It’s good to know that the loss to Qatar could have had a negative impact on the U-22 national team, as well as the U-24 national team (who will be training at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games). It would have been nice to have a good result, but a win is the best way to dispel any negative vibes.

However, the loss to Qatar shouldn’t be seen as an isolated incident. Qatar is the home team of the U-23 Asian Cup, which doubles as a qualifier for the Paris Olympics, and is a potential, but real, competition on the way to Paris.

It’s not just Qatar, but the quality of the teams that are actually in contention for a spot at this tournament is generally this good. They need to learn from this defeat and prepare more thoroughly, realizing that they are not in a position to assume that they are unbeatable at this stage. This is why the loss to Qatar is not just a fluke, it’s a real blood and guts vaccination.

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